View Full Version : Fun on steel outside Winchester this Saturday

04-07-10, 11:36
Hello Gents:

Just got back into the real world and wanted to invite locals to come shoot this Saturday April 10th, for fun on steel and just general getting out and moving.

Just across the WV line outside Winchester a friend has 2 gravel bays out to 100x25 each, MGM steel, stands, and shots out too 300 as well.
Beautiful spot and privately owned.

I figure this, as I will be there very early doing my thing already and will "MC" it as its my idea:
- From 10 to 1 we can set up moving and shooting, use barricades (VTACs), speed drills on timers, stress runs, etc...
- From 1 to 2 we can do long range (150+) on a back line in unison or something.
- Bring like 30 bucks for the use
- It has a fully functional cabin for lunch, restroom, etc...
- Limited to 20 for sure
- Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun - Bring your .50 Cal if you want
- I will reluctantly RO it

A little on me:
5+ years overseas, live in South Riding, under Bennie Cooley for a longtime, just started open enrollment training.

PM me of interested.

04-07-10, 11:44
PM sent. Very interested.

04-25-10, 20:15
When are you going to do this again?

04-28-10, 00:46
Some friends and I are interested.

05-01-10, 20:23
A little late but IM sent.