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04-15-10, 14:06
Volusia County

04-15-10, 16:28
Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club will be having our CFDCC (monthly carbine match)

I appreciate the help but please allow me to market my shoot.


Sorry if my original post came off as abrasive. There are a couple of issues I deal with when marketing the shoot. One of them is that Sean's emails differ from mine and the above post propagates an email that I didn't really approve of. I know it is Sean's range but I would have preferred if he just forwarded MY email to his email list -- not the one quoted above. There are other issues as well that maybe we can discuss offline.

Anyway -- sorry again if I came off as terse or abrasive. I swear, I appreciate and need lots of help.

I'm a huge throbbing dick and I'm sorry.

04-15-10, 17:30
it's cool I fixed it the best I could, maybe you can get the mods to delete the whole post, and you can start a new one, believe me I wish a couple of things were different out there, but it's a young club, and I hear he might be doing some substantial improvements, mind you nothing in stone yet. I always stay out of the politics, I just like to shoot meet knew people and learn from them.