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05-07-07, 12:14
Well, after much research and shopping around as well as reading, investigating, experimenting and shooting lots of friends rifles, I have finally jumped in and built my very own black rifle:


Used a RRA lower that I got a good deal on locally with a RRA parts kit. First build and it was a real pleasure to put together using a vise grip method from the ar15.com directions.

Upper is a Del-ton 16inch chrome lined with a daniel defense 7.0 rail. Great fit and finish, everything looked good as well as the staking. May look into the "reliability upgrade kit" form Grant in the near future .

ARMS #40 BUIS - clean and simple and I liked the mechanism on it compared to some others.

I am really pleased with the fit and finish. The people at Del-ton were fantastic to work with and as nice as could be. Since I am in NC, I ordered what I wanted and they brought it to the local gun show. Everything fit together perfectly and I can't wait to shoot it after a thorough cleaning ( Time to shoot some gun show ammo and get this thing zeroed in properly) . The .223 ammo was wiped out at the gun show within a couple of hours ( all the affordable stuff at least !) Kind of crazy and I noticed lots of Black rifle dealers there ( many more than usual).

I wanted to thank the help and resources on this forum. Special thanks to Grant for talking with me on the phone and spending time giving me options ( Although I sourced this one locally, I'll be sure to purchase from you in the future!). I went locally for my first build to make sure I could get my hands on everything..is it bad that I am already designing my second build?:) I am looking at various optics and am torn betweeen and eotech or the larue irondot system. Any input from anyone who has used both? Thanks in advance. Availability on the Larue option is another question ( Any input there as well is appreciated).-scrh1

05-07-07, 12:23
Nice looking build.

I'm not familiar with Del-ton uppers. What is the twist rate 1/7 or 1/9, M4 ramps?

05-07-07, 12:44
The del-ton uppers I went with is a 1/9 twist, 5.56 chamber, chrome lined, m4 feed ramps. Well put together and they test fire once built. I was leaning heavy towards the LMT or CMMG upper, but went against it for this build. Always the next one!