View Full Version : WTS: 2 Colt lightweight AR's - 9mm and 5.56

04-27-10, 14:15
Both are "Lightweight Sporters", one in 9mm, one in 5.56.
Both are preban.

Both have DD omega 7.0 rails, scout lights and FSB mounts.

5.56 wears a full larue/magpul UDE furniture set
(XTM's , CTR, FUG, MOE) with a magpul trigger guard too.

9mm has the same furniture (XTM's, CTR, FUG),
except the grip is TangoDown with std trigger guard.

the 9mm has a permanent FSC308 bored out to 9mm and permanently
attached for total 16.1" OAL...... Adco did the work.

These are low serial numbered: the 5.56 is just about new, the 9mm is under 1200 rounds old.

I have lots of preban mags for both, but no mags are included.

5.56 is 1710$ without the light, 1910$ with.
(1200$ rifle, 250$ omega, 240$ UDE set, 10$ Trigger Guard, 10$ FSB mount )

9mm is 1889$ without the light, 2089$ with.
(1200$ rifle, $250 omega, 234$ furniture, $195 barrel work, 10$ FSB mount )

These prices are not negotiable and I can't take trades unless they involve lots of cash.
Or a knights rifle, SIG556 or XCR.




I will sell the rifles with NO stocks, NO grips and NO handguards for 1350$ for the 5.56, 1250$ for the 9mm.

that is a STEAL for the 9mm .