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04-28-10, 10:28
Details TBA, but this event will be held at Metacon Gun Club in Simsbury, CT.

Range info is here:

As of this post, the class is not yet on the RWVA website, but when it is up you can register here:


What is Project Appleseed?

Appleseed is a program that instructs Americans on the traditional rifle marksmanship skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, along with reconnecting today's Americans with the people and events of the Founding era. Participants are taught fundamental rifle marksmanship skills that are required to allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards, with iron sights, standard rifle and surplus ammo. This is the traditional 'Rifleman's Quarter mile', which is an uniquely American Rifleman skill, that has been part of this nation from the very first days.

Most of the instruction at an Appleseed is conducted at 25 meters, at reduced size targets to simulate 100 to 500 yards. This well proven technique allows us to concentrate on the shooter's mechanics and less time walking a range. At those locations that allow for actual distance shooting, participants are often able to see first hand that the skills that they learn at 25 meters directly apply to actual distances out to 500 yards. These foundational skills are not being passed on to future generations, and so Appleseeds are great for new or experienced shooters alike.

Why "Appleseed?"
"Appleseed" comes from Johnny Appleseed, the American folk hero who toured the country, planting appleseeds so that future generations would benefit. The Appleseed Project is designed to ensure the next generations will the benefit of the same Liberties as the generations before them.

Why the "Nationwide Tour?"

The Appleseed Instructors will travel anywhere in the nation, bringing the proven Appleseed course, as a complete, self-contained package, to your range/club/farm, so that you and your neighbors can experience Appleseed in your back yard.

We seek to do three things: teach marksmanship and respect for the tradition of such, and to preserve the knowledge of our Revolutionary War history. That's all we're about, plain and simple. We believe that if we teach it, it'll wake our fellow Americans...and an awake America is an America that cannot be defeated. We want freedom to ring strong. We want Lady Liberty to be safe.

Being a Rifleman means more than accurate shooting.

It means a love of liberty, a respect for our forefathers, and an acknowledgement of the debt of honor we owe to them. We believe this debt can never fully be paid back, but we believe that by keeping the faith and passing our teachings on it will certainly reflect our ability to pay what we can, and fulfill the obligation we have to future generations to pass on a nation that is as free as the one we inherited.

What kind of rifle do I need? What kind of sights are allowed?

Appleseed is content-free, so in regards to sights: you can use any. Rifles? Well, you can use any safe firearm which can be accurately shot from the shoulder, from a .22 to a .32 (8mm). We're semi-auto and bolt-gun friendly. The important thing is that it works, so before you come to a shoot make sure you clean it, break it in (if need be), and lube it properly in preparation for the day. Due to the high cost of ammo, we reccommend using a .22 for the training on Saturday and if the range you are shooting at has a long distance range, then bring your center fire rifle for that on Sunday.

What caliber is best?

In a nutshell: they all are. Appleseed is not caliber-specific. It doesn't matter to us if you use .308, .30-06, .223, .22, 7.62x39, 8mm, .303 — they're all fine. Marksmanship and caliber are independent of each other. If you're a good marksman, you'll be able to hit with any caliber. So, if you have an AR-15, SKS, or 10/22 please feel free to join us. And when you bring your kids (up to age 20 shoots free)

How much Ammo will I need?

Every Appleseed is unique, and the actual number of rounds will be affected by the number of shooters, the amount of available daylight, the ranges hours of the site, the weather, the course of fire (COF) selected by the instructor, and whether there is a long-range component. For guidance, figure 150 rounds on Saturday, and 250 rounds on Sunday - but bring extra, just in case.

Why military rifles?

Because they're fast and easy to reload. But if you have a hunting rifle, that's great too. Just be sure to practice loading it fast!

Do I need a sling?

Yes. An USGI web sling, like for the M1 Garand or M14 are cheap and easy to use, we recommend you consider getting one.

Can I use a bipod?

No. We teach a basic driving class, so we want you to learn to drive stick shift — that means with a sling, not a bipod. We also encourage you to use iron sights, but optics are okay.

Do I need a shooting jacket?

No. We do, however, encourage you to invest in a cheap cloth shooting jacket, like the USMC-type found at www.fredsm14stocks.com, so you have elbow pads, plus a pad on the upper sling arm to dampen heartbeat.

It is not required, but we believe it's certainly worth the investment — especially when you also get the Guide and AQT targets as part of the package. It's well worth it. Take it from Fred.

Do you have a checklist of things to do in preparation?

Yes. Click here and you'll find several articles of interest. We encourage you to show up prepared: rifle cleaned and lubed, and fully broken in (a few hundred rounds having been fired with it).

Hey Fred, I've got a friend who's not on the Internet...can they still sign up?

Of course! register online for them (preferred) or Simply send a check for $45 (1-day) or $70 (both days) to:

PO Box 756
Ramseur, NC 27316

Is that all it's about? Learning to shoot?

Our purpose is to teach you to shoot a rifle, like your forebears. But more than that, the veterans of the Revolutionary War want you to understand the necessity of teaching others to shoot. We want you to be able to go back home and get others shooting "for God and Country," as they say. And we want you to do it stimulated, encouraged and inspired because of your attendence at one of our shoots.

Did you say "basic" class?

Some may say "basic", but a better term might be foundational. The skills taught at Appleseed are Traditional American Rifleman skills that have been unique throughout the history of this country. The American Rifleman is capable of shooting a 20" target out to 500 yards, or a milk jug at 250 yards, using a standard, rack grade rifle, surplus ammo, iron sights, from field positions, this is what your forefathers were capable of. These skills transfer to any kind of shooting and while they should be considered "basic" to most Americans, they are more often seen as "advanced" by today's shooters....This is what Appleseed is trying to change.

Does coming to an Appleseed shoot qualify as the marksmanship activity I need in order to obtain a CMP M1 Garand or 1903A3 rifle?

Yes. So, if you'd like to get a real piece of history, while at the same time learning to shoot it, sign up for an Appleseed shoot. While you're at it, sign up for a $20 associate RWVA membership to support Appleseed (and meet the CMP-club membership requirement).

Can I sign up and be squadded with my buddies?

Of course you can. You can even be squadded up with your Internet buddies that you've never actually met. If you are on TheHighRoad, ARFCOM, Frugal Squirrels, or any Internet group, simply put the info on your application, and we'll put you together on the line. So get together on the Net with your Internet buddies, get everyone fired up to come, tell 'em to mark their apps, and be confident that we'll make sure you'll have them on your left and right sides when the firing starts!

I'd like to bring my son, how old do kids need to be to come to an Appleseed?

We leave this up to the parents. If your child is old enough to safely handle a rifle by himself/herself and endure a long day of instruction he/she is welcome to attend and encouraged. Remember kids under 21 are free at all Appleseeds. Be aware that some State laws require that a child be a certain age to handle rifle.

I'm trying to get my wife to come, will there be other women there?

More than likely yes! We even have an ever increasing number of female instructors. Remember that women also shoot free at all Appleseeds.

How come there are no Appleseeds close to my home?

Well the short answer is, you haven't set one up. Appleseed relies on people instrested in having an Appleseed close to home to get the ball rolling in their area. We'll help you with the how to's and other details when you contact us.

How far ahead can I sign up?

As far ahead as you want. As soon as events become final they are posted on our schedule and ready for registration. If you don't see one close to you now, keep checking back, shoots are added almost daily.

Should I practice before I come?

It would definitely be a good idea to zero your rifle 3" high at 100 yards, then clean and lubricate it before your Appleseed. It would also be a good idea to get in the prone position at home, and dry-fire 10 "shots" 3 times a week to stretch your body out. That'd be one less thing to worry about on the day of the shoot.

I signed up for an Appleseed but found one closer to my home, can I change my registration?

Yes. You can get your registration moved to another shoot. You will need to contact us at info@appleseedinfo.org and explain what shoot you are registered for and which one you would like to move too. Include the names of all those to be moved.

I am unable to make it to the Appleseed I signed up for, can I get a refund?

We require a weeks notice, prior to the event, in order to give a refund.

I signed up for a membership will I get a membership card?

Yes, if you signed up online you should receive your membership card in the mail in about 1-2 weeks. If you mailed it in, expect a much longer wait since that is a completely manual process.

How long is my Membership good for?

Most memberships are 1 year from the month you purchased it, however we do have 5 year and life memberships available online under the membership option.

I love your program how can I help?

Appleseed is a 100% volunteer organization. We always need more instructors, state coordinators, and staff to handle various tasks. Please contact us and we'll find a good fit for you.

Do you rent rifles to use at Appleseeds?

No, we don't rent rifles you might look into borrowing a rifle from somebody.