View Full Version : Black Rifle Match, Simsbury, CT June 27, 2010.

30 cal slut
04-28-10, 09:53
Metacon Gun Club will host its annual black rifle match on Sunday, June 27, 2010.

The match is an IPSC-style practical match for intermediate cartridge and battle rifles and their semi-auto clones. A single competitor engages steel and paper targets from various shooting points.

The specific COF will be posted online on MGC's Class III event schedule here:


Permitted firearms: M16s, AK47s, M14s, AC556s, Garands, etc. Semi-automatic clones are also permitted, such as AR15s, M1As, Mini 14s, SKSs, etc.

Participation Requirements: Metacon Gun Club requires that members shooting machine guns and submachine guns at Metacon complete both the Chief Range Officers Course and the Class III checkout. In addition, non-members who wish to compete in Class III matches must also complete the Class III Checkout. Police officers using department issued firearms may participate in matches with the prior approval of the Class III Director without completing the Class III check out.

Match Schedule: It is suggested that participants arrive at least a hour before the scheduled match start time to register, arrange equipment, etc. A mandatory walk-through will be done 15 minutes before the scheduled match start time. Please arrive prepared to compete. The match start will not be delayed to permit test-firing. It is expected that over the course of the season match participants will aid in the set-up, tear-down and running of matches. If possible, please try to arrive early to help with set-up and stay for tear-down. Many hands do make light work!

Entry Fees: There is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee for non members to shoot the match. The design, planning and running of matches is done on a volunteer basis with equipment needs met from the Metacon budget. As the Class III competition program is run by its participants, suggestions for future match designs and aid in running matches is always welcomed. There will be a 50/50 raffle to help raise money for steel targets (50 percent goes to the winner/50 percent goes to the Class III account at Metacon)

ETA: If time and space permit, we can try to put together an informal get-together following the match.

05-30-10, 23:21
Bummer, I am back packing in the Catskills that week.

Out of curiosity how open to new comers and first timers is this competition? I have a few friends that may be interested in going out, and I may want to go next year, but none of us have competed before.

30 cal slut
06-01-10, 13:02
All skill levels welcome, provided you are a safe handler of firearms.

I believe pre-registration for this class is required, FYI.