View Full Version : For Jacksonville area members

05-01-10, 01:18
Curious if anyone would be interested in an informal meet and greet at one of the ranges about.

Always felt the only thing better shooting is shooting with friends or with new ones.

05-01-10, 08:53
depends on my schedule. :)

05-01-10, 10:20
I have a pretty open schedule since i"m disabled and only taking a class on mondays and wedsdays after normal range hours.

05-06-10, 10:37
I'm in Jax as well. I live not far from Gateway, but I'm not particularly crazy about the place. Are there any other ranges nearby that you guys know of? A couple of days ago I drove down to see Ancient City Shooting Range and I liked it well enough (although it's pretty expensive), but it's a little farther away than I would like.

08-26-10, 17:28
Just posted on the roll call. Read it and hit me up if anyone would like to coordinate a link up.


10-15-10, 04:41
We need to hook up at Century City is St. Augustine. Owner is a good guy, very liberal range rules. I've been there a couple of times with a couple of my fellow officers, we also had a SWAT training day there.

11-07-10, 00:50
Not sure if anyone else is a member but, I usually shoot at the F.O.P. range in St. Sugustine off of SR16 near the outlets..The guys from Gun Gallery also host a few Friday night training sessions..it's a private range and compared to anything else locally, it's the best place I've been to so far..pretty much just individual berms where you can shoot however you want..No range officers monitoring your every move..

03-08-11, 13:31
I'm in, and a member of Ancient City so we can meet there too

10-23-11, 18:46
I'm in Keystone Heights and would be interested in driving over. I usually drive to Lake City to shoot now, so what's the diff?