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05-24-10, 15:07
Woohoo, first thread! I live and shoot in Southwest Ohio. Anybody else in the area? I primarily shoot in Wilmington, Ohio.

05-26-10, 08:26
Woohoo, first thread! I live and shoot in Southwest Ohio. Anybody else in the area? I primarily shoot in Wilmington, Ohio.

Howdy! We are located in the NE section of the State. Make sure to check out the regional training for free training opportunities.


05-26-10, 17:13
Checking in from the south-west part of the state.

Beat Trash
05-27-10, 13:47
Greetings from the Cincinnati area.

I shoot a bit in Claremont county at the Miami Rifle and Pistol club.

05-28-10, 15:31
Hello from Dayton area. I have been shooting at the Vandalia Armory, but now that the weather is getting better I shoot at the Miami Valley Shooting Grounds.

05-29-10, 09:16
Im in southwest Ohio around the Dayton, Cincy and Wilmington area. :D

Celtic Warrior
06-22-10, 13:01
I'm In The Dayton Area and shoot at Spring Valley and Miami Valley Shooting Grounds.

06-23-10, 14:33
Greetings from Geauga County.

08-11-10, 22:02
Cincinnati here. Howdy!

Alpha Sierra
08-16-10, 11:12
Checking in from Troy.

You'll find me shooting IDPA (and sometimes USPSA) at Talawanda IWLA (Oxford), Clinton County Sportsmen, Pickaway County Sportsmen, UCOA Findlay, and Big Darby and Highpower Rifle at Miami Rifle & Pistol.

I may start hitting the carbine/3-gun matches at Clinton County and UCOA.

Piqua Fish & Game is where I hold membership, it gives me quite a bit of freedom in handgun shooting, compared to most of the square ranges around here.

Dale Gribble
08-16-10, 11:24
Lima, Ohio here.

08-16-10, 11:49
Celina, Grand lake region.

08-16-10, 14:07
Hey from Troy Township, geauga county. Farms, fields and Amish!Takecare of yourself and all those around you!:D

08-17-10, 12:49
Trappernana, what range(s) do you shoot at?

08-17-10, 15:17
Hey huck, usually here at the ole' homestead,but anything over 100 meters I go to Targething.com , check it out. They have a 300 meter range you can reserve.Take care of your self and all those around you!:cool:

08-23-10, 00:33
I'm from NW Ohio, approx., 30 miles SW of Toledo. Anybody else on here from NW OH?

09-07-10, 11:37
Hows it going guys? Checkin in from central ohio around the ashville columbus area.

09-13-10, 22:38
about an hour south of sandusky here anyone close always looking for new training partners and to trade ideas

10-03-10, 22:09
South west Ohio here, Middletown to be exact. Need some ar buddys around here. I don't run into to many and it's getting lonely. Also I'm pretty new to the ar platform but so far lovin it

10-04-10, 22:10
Howdy from SE Ohio.

Only got a 25yd public range and a buddies farm field to shoot here. Although, rayners is about 2 hours from me. I may have to make a trip up there one day....

10-05-10, 07:38
I've got the Middletown sportsmans club that's 5 minutes away. j just never see any ar guys up there. The club has up to 300 yards and everything in between

10-06-10, 13:46
I would like to preface this by saying that I only wish to share this shopping experience in hopes that this happens to no one else.

On Oct 2nd, I went to the Eastwood Mall Expo center for one of their gun shows. I like to go and browse, sometimes I find deals, sometimes not. I recently (less than a few months ago) purchased a S&W MP15ps rifle. I decided on this trip to the show to look for some mods and accys. I stopped by a booth run by BBC Weapons Armory LLC, and started looking at what they had to offer. I asked a few questions, purchased some back up iron sights, and was contemplating a quad rail. I asked her if that would fit any AR15. She asked what rifle I had, and I told her my exact model. She replied of course it will! I made the purchase and then headed to work. I woke up this morning and decided to dress up my rifle. Upon attempted to install the quadrail, I realized that it wouldnt fit. Being a complete n00b to most of this AR stuff, I googled it, re-read the instruction sheet several times, just to make sure that I wasnt doing anything stupidly wrong. Nope, wouldnt fit. I called them up, told the woman what happened, she said, "The quadrail works on all S&W MP rifles. It works on all AR15 rifles. You're doing it wrong." Ok, so I fiddled around with it for a few more hours before calling them up and saying "I really dont think that this quadrail will work on my MP15ps, I saw on your card that you are by appointment only. I would like to make an appointment to return the quadrail since I obviously made a mistake and bought the wrong one." She immediately began berating me saying "You should really know what you're buying. Im in the middle of paperwork, I wont be able to return it. Next time, make sure you know your gun." I then informed her that I have only had the gun a couple of months, and havent really had the time to delve into it and become a true AR expert. I admited to her that I made a mistake, and would simply like to get my money back since no one makes what I am looking for. I bought a green laser from the same gun show, and it was defective. The gentleman that I purchased the laser from not only came out to my place of employment with a replacement, but also gave me several free batteries and told me where I could get more since I was having some trouble tracking them down locally. I would like everyone to consider this when purchasing from a vendor at ANY gun show, but especially this one. She was completely rude, never letting me finish a sentence before jumping in with her blathering ignorance. Honestly, I will be boycotting them the next time I see their booth at a gun show, and will inform everyone as to the horrendous customer service experience that I had.

10-06-10, 19:29
cincinnati here (reading) i need some new places to shoot. i usually go to spring valley but last time i went shooting there was a bunch of young kids with 15 and 16 yr old girlfriends they were trying to impress. i tried to give guidance and be friendly but they went the way of the gangster so i packed up and left. really didnt want to get shot by accident. wheres the middletown range

10-06-10, 19:41
Hey there 556, it's in west Middletown on Michael rd. u won't see that crap there, very safe. And there is always a range master There. i've been going there since I was a kid and have never seen anything like that. you can only shot and use the grounds(fishing trap, and sket) if u are a member and it's about120.00 a year but u get everything included. Let me know I'd u go and I will meet up so I'm not alone. I'm new to the ar and could prob use some pointers.

10-06-10, 20:12
ill get some cash together and get a membership. by the way if you need ammo aim up there has 200 rounds of brass ammo for 60 bucks. ill definetly hit you up when i get the cash together for the membership. thanks jason

10-06-10, 23:06
Sounds good buddy, let me know and bring some friends, like I said I'm new to the ar but not shooting so it will be a good time and learning experiance for me.

12-14-10, 16:53
Hello, Dayton here...I usually shoot at Spring Valley, year round. But I have been known to hit some of the indoor spots too, especially when it is this cold!! Anyway I'm new to the board, and can always use more shooting buddies.

12-14-10, 16:58

12-15-10, 11:12
Cleveland Area checking in.

Hi guys.

12-21-10, 14:19
Checking in from Lake County, Ohio!

01-02-11, 11:28
Cridersville Reporting in from north west ohio

01-05-11, 10:25
Columbus checking in.

03-01-11, 09:48
Hello from C-bus, NE side of town. Can anyone offer advise on clubs to join here in C-bus??? Glad to be here.

05-19-11, 09:45
Hello from C-bus, NE side of town. Can anyone offer advise on clubs to join here in C-bus??? Glad to be here.

x2 or maybe we can get some group range trips together...

06-26-11, 13:14
checking in from Cincinnati. Going up to TDI tactical in november for handgun I-III, I plan on doing an AAR and having a good time reinforcing some fundamentals. (been awhile since iv gone over them)
If anyone from here wants to meet up and shoot or come with to the classes, drop a PM.

Have a good 'un.