View Full Version : Hello From Beautiful Southern Indiana

05-25-10, 10:58
I am going to be shooting a .458 SOCOM this year as my deer getter!

Thanks to Marty, Darrwin Prec. and Cold. Get the .458 SOCOM forum up guys, I am getting all my reloading equipment in July and will need somewhere to research loads!

03-26-11, 22:01
Keep us posted. im looking to get an upper myself to hunt with.

03-31-11, 07:25
Sign up at http://www.458socomforums.com/

It has alot of info that you will want / need. I have pictures of load development and you will be able to gather alot of info before making your decision. I don't regret buying mine!

I have printed clover leaf groups at 100 yards and about 2 " groups at 200 yards.

I have taken only one deer as this past year is the only year I have hunted with it. The deer ran only about 30 yards but it was dead already, just didn't know it. Left a real good blood trail.

Make sure you put a quality scope on it that has a lifetime warranty. The cheaper scopes shake apart.

If you are into reloading, there are alot of options. If not, you can still buy ammo from SBR.

check out the forum and if you have any questions, get back with me. Hope this helps.