View Full Version : New MBUS sights?

05-27-10, 14:39
Friend of mine just noticed they have a SKU on the "new version" Magpul MBus sights in there system.

Anyone seen these yet? Pictures?

Alex V
05-27-10, 14:51
According to the 2010 Magpul catalog it is smaller in size, ie lower profile to be more compatable with optics and has a spring locking front sight post as apposed to the pin you had to use to lock it in after setting zero with the Gen1 front sight.

Im waiting form them to come up for sale to buy for my first build.

05-27-10, 16:20
Have you seen a pictures? Were they in the catalog?

Must check...

05-27-10, 19:57
I've seen a set. They're awesome. :D

05-27-10, 21:38
I have a set of flat dark earth MBus sights and a set of Troy's. I like the Troy's because of there low profile.

The MBus sights work but they just seem so bulky. These new Gen 2's look NICE though.

Wish I knew when they were coming out. I need a new set of sights for an AR pistol I'm building, I was about to get Troys but ummm. :D

05-27-10, 22:36
I've had good luck with the MBUS sets I have and have seen in use. A refined, less bulky set would be welcome.

Alex V
06-25-10, 11:05
Any ETA from the folks at Magpul?