View Full Version : NE Indiana here

05-27-10, 15:49
Northeast Indiana here, Decatur to be specific.

Just sounding off.

Be great to get a M4C shoot organized. Maybe a training day for anyone interested in running some organized drills.

06-01-10, 16:08
Fort Wayne here. It would be awesome to get a shoot organized, but to be honest. The ranges around here suck. There just isn't anything around over 100 yards that isn't impossible to get into. By impossible to get into I'm talking about the fort wayne rifle and revolver club.

As far as I'm aware of; our choices are:

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver (100, 200, 300, 500 yd rifle range) (Requires gun club membership which apparently is impossible to get into)
Roush Lake Resevoir (50, 100 yd rifle range) (cheap @ $4/day, but a 40 Mile drive)
Target master (does not allow center fire rifles)
Isaak Walton League (Huntertown) (I also understand you have to be a member to shoot there as well) (I think this is also a 100 yd range)

06-01-10, 18:05
Yea I've been to fort Wayne rifle pistol for a couple service rifle matches and I attend the USPSA monthly match they have