View Full Version : WTB: pre ban lower ( I live behind the lines)

06-11-10, 20:55
Hay guys I live behind the lines and I want to build another rifle for the wife. I need another lower pre ban hoping you guys have one to sell me. Or I could buy you what ever you want to replace the one you have we could do that too.

Only thing I dont want is sand cast or Olympic arms or anything madde by them

LMT would be best like a PWA maybe. Thanks in advance

06-12-10, 20:24
Well I have not gotten any emails, pm's or post replys but Im not giving up my new lower is out there.

06-13-10, 21:22
she is out there im not giving up

06-16-10, 23:24
ok large pin colt is ok too and I know she is out there

06-19-10, 21:20
come on now guys I know you have them and I need one

06-22-10, 20:20
help still here and looking for the lower in your safe.:confused:

06-24-10, 20:43
Well I had a great offer and wasent sure and missed it. Got about 8 offers so far thanks so much just have not found the right one yet.

06-28-10, 14:36
well i still need the lower guys

08-06-10, 12:37
Guys Im still looking for a lower wanting a PWA but Im open to about anything at this point

08-14-10, 18:19
guys im still looking for a lower