View Full Version : NoVA armament has some nice stuff in stock

06-14-10, 11:05
KAC rifles, KAC muzzle brakes, Magpul MOE stubby grips, stuff like that. Located in Herndon. I have no financial or business interest in this company but I do want a conservative, non-Democrat supporting (hear, that Silver Eagle Group?!), locally owned, small business to succeed.


06-23-10, 17:59
sweet, can never have enough gun stores around.

06-28-10, 11:06
Thanks for the heads up. Will go check them out.

07-01-10, 20:51
Went by yesterday and had a ext slide release put on my G-22 they put it on for no charge:D:D and picked a MOE grip. Super folks to deal with and some good prices.
Glad to have another Toy store around.;)


Boss Hogg
07-02-10, 09:01
They're really nice guys and I hope they do well. Between them and Virginia Arms, they are my "go to" in NoVA.

Mike C. at the Dulles Park barber shop next door claims to be former SF, is a certifiable gun nut, and I do know that he's really into hunting exotic game. Oh, and add Recharge Wellness (chiropractic/PT) to the list of good guys in Hernduras.