View Full Version : Handgun Retention

06-19-10, 18:38
Does anyone want to join a list of people interested in attending or hosting a handgun retention class from Insights Training Center?

It hasn't been offered in some time due to not enough people signing up for it the last few times it was scheduled, but I am really interested in getting some handgun retention training under my belt.

I took Unarmed Self Defense II about a year and a half ago and we learned to disarm various weapons, including handguns, and I was a little put off by how easy it was to take a gun away in full speed scenarios after some repetition in how to do it properly. I would like to learn how to defend well.

Anyways, just let me know if you would be interested and I will follow up finding out how many people we would need, what the cost would be, when it would be, etc.

06-19-10, 18:55
I might be, depending on the cost. Will it be at WCA?

06-19-10, 19:34
My plan is to see how many people might be interested and then email Insights about how many people we would need and when/where they could do it and firm things up back and forth.


I can't speculate on location. All the combatives stuff I have taken with Insights has been at the Issaquah Police Department location. If we hosted a class somewhere it would be where we asked for it.

Other than handgun retention if we had enough people we could host a class on anything we wanted or even a mix of skills if we wanted to have a real group event up here in WA and invite the Oregon guys up.