View Full Version : July training day?

06-22-10, 08:51
How's the 16th look for you guys? I'm thinking a combo pistol/carbine day unless y'all are up for some shotgun action!

06-22-10, 09:10
Dude you are officially nominated for M4C OKC Training Coordinator.

Not sure about the 16th just yet, but looking at my calendar the 9th and 23rd are my days off. I have to say the 23rd is probably my best bet if my projects pan out as expected next month.

06-22-10, 13:22
We can do the 23rd I just work that day so we'd have to shoot at 4.

06-23-10, 09:11
Honestly this far out, my schedule can really be a crapshoot so I think we just work off your schedule unless something changes later. If others think they might make it maybe they can chime in.

06-23-10, 12:43
Call it. I'm open to either. Maybe DG and Doc can chime in...

06-28-10, 21:30
Josh L - I just invaded your thread from down here in texas. I just got my august copy of swat mag and had to give you some crap for getting your pic in there LOL. Whats it like being hollywood royalty. It sure was great getting to come up last year and train with y'all and M.D. stay safe- Brad W.

06-29-10, 08:03
Hey Brad what's up brother! I thought you were gonna say you were gonna shoot with us lol. Yeah once people figure out my screen name and see my picture with the beard I'm sure I'll be getting emails asking what tacticool toe nail clippers I use...

06-29-10, 09:02
My schedule is open for both the 16th and 23rd right now. You guys pick but if at all possible, let me know as far in advance so I can cross myself out of the afternoon OR schedule.

06-29-10, 09:41
I vote 23rd.

06-29-10, 09:46
23rd is going to be better for me too (I think).

Dang it now I have to find a place to buy a copy of the August Tactical TigerBeat, er, SWAT so I can put pictures of Josh up on my wall :p

06-29-10, 10:58
When I go back to work tomorrow I'm hitting the b&n and buying every copy they have! lol

06-29-10, 12:04
Ok, 23rd it is. Gonna stick with 3:30?

06-29-10, 17:56
3:45ish would be more realistic for me since I work till 3 that day.

06-29-10, 23:17
No problem, I'll schedule off tomorrow and then see you guys July 23rd.
Are we planning pistol, rifle, or both?

06-30-10, 10:14
Both. Make sure you have a sling, holster and mag pouches.

07-06-10, 17:22
Ya'll better be practicing your malfunctions and transitions..... ;)

07-06-10, 18:18
Malfunctions? You gonna let us all borrow your rifle? :p

(I have a feeling I'm going to pay for that comment later...)

07-06-10, 22:00
Bwaaa! Don't you know the plumber always has leaky pipes at his house. I had a new carbine spring at home and that was the problem. It was short like your springs. That weak PMC didn't like my wolff extra power spring and h2 buffer.

07-06-10, 22:06
LOL suuuuure.

It's a sweet shootin' little carbine when it has the right springs in it!

07-07-10, 16:15
BTW, we need to figure something out about the target situation. We shot up all but three of the Magpul targets I had left last time. I just ordered 50 of the CSAT targets to try out. I don't mind bringing the targets if people don't mind throwing in a few bucks to help cover them. After shipping these CSAT targets were basically $.50 each. This is what they look like...


EZ Bake
07-09-10, 11:59
Hey - I might be able to make that next training day - do you have to have a membership at OKC GC to get in?

For what its worth, all the training I've been doing lately has been with home-made targets (ghetto, I know - but then again, I am shooting in Okmulgee's illustrious WMA garbage-dump/shooting range). Some $.50 Yard sticks (sharpened on my scroll saw), some $1 foam-board from Dollar Tree (cut in half, it makes two targets), some 3M double-sided tape and markers means I can throw them all away when I'm done.


07-09-10, 21:36
Right on dude. Come on out. One of us will have to meet you at the gate to let you in but that's no big deal. We meet at the action pistol bays/cowboy action side off Hiwassee.

07-09-10, 22:52
Cardboard + cheapo paper plates + 3x5 cards = super cheap targets, man. Lot quicker to toss up/change out than those paper jobbers, too.

07-13-10, 07:52
I've got a handful of Magpul targets rolled up in the garage that I can bring

07-13-10, 12:58
I came up with my own "qual" course and need to name it. Iwas thinking the name should include snob or elite or something along those lines. I didn't like the D platoon qual so I made my own. It's 30 rounds total being 25 rifle and 5 pistol. I just ballparked the time limits though so we will need to tweek them some.

07-16-10, 09:45
Soooo.... I have a freaking ear infection. Hopefully I'll be good to go by Friday.

07-19-10, 11:16
Well, I'm not going to be able to make it Friday. I have to be in Chickasha that evening for my mom's surprise bday party... our normal time won't get me out of there in time to make it home, clean up, and make it down there. Unless I'm only at the range for a real short while.

I don't think earlier in the day is doable, is it? Josh-L is still working.

07-20-10, 08:48
Yeah I'm working. I could see if I could take off though. I really don't want to shoot in the 100+ heat in the afternoon since I'm on antibiotics.

07-20-10, 08:49
Well, don't burn a vacation day just to accommodate me. If I show up a little early and cut out a little early I might even be able to make the afternoon version...

07-20-10, 08:56
Just pulled up the schedule and my sgt has already taken off so I can't.

07-20-10, 18:32
So is this gonna be a no-go or are some of us gonna still get together? I'm in even with the high temps. Josh, a little sunscreen will keep you from roasting. I may even have some spf 90 in my golf bag.

07-20-10, 19:02
I'm still in if you are. It's just gonna be effin hot.

07-20-10, 22:04
Well my project at work will keep me out:angry:

Hope ya'll have fun!! in the heat that is...

07-20-10, 23:42
I'd still like to go. Yeah it'll be hot but we can take water.

07-21-10, 17:43
Ok so round count is low but it will be super hot so I don't want to be out there 3 hours anyway. Only 54 rifle and 20 pistol if we run the three drills I have once. That's drills only and no "playing". I'm sure we'll shoot a little extra but thought I'd give everyone a ballpark of what I was thinking. I was thinking we'd have a competition to see who could clear a double feed the fastest too. (No BAD levers allowed! lol)

07-22-10, 21:58
Well, I now have a meeting at 10:30 on my day off and possibly an afternoon filled with over-reacting to the stuff from the meeting, so I have no idea if I'll be out or not. Looking like a no-go, though.

07-23-10, 09:16
Nothing relaxes me more then killing cardboard!

I'll let you use your BAD lever if that will help....

07-23-10, 09:34
I won't be the one overreacting, I'll be the one getting crapped on by big-boss types overreacting ;)

If I get out at a decent time I'll still try and make it!

07-23-10, 10:58
Well now I don't know if I'm gonna make it. My son still has a fever and we found what looks like a spider bite on his leg so we are taking him back to the doc. The wife prob won't be happy if I don't get home until 630.

07-23-10, 11:09
Ok I am calling it. We will reschedule. Looks like a few of us are gonna have some issues making it today.

07-24-10, 22:07
I ended up at work till 5:30, so I would have missed anyway.

Is the kiddo okay?

07-25-10, 08:43
He's better but has had a fever since thursday for some reason. The doc just says it's a viral infection but that's about it. It was only 99.2 this morning so hopefully it's almost run it's course.