View Full Version : OK to post pics of custom work?

Stan Chen
06-02-07, 13:04
Hello everyone,

I'm new around here.........my name is Stan Chen, and I'm a full time custom pistolsmith. Looks like a neat place, another corner to share information about our beloved firearms.

So I have a question for you all. Is it OK to post pics here of my some of my custom work from time to time?

06-02-07, 13:06
Yes, please do!

06-02-07, 15:16
Welcome, Stan.

I've seen the picutres of the 1911 frame/MSH treatment that you've posted at other sites. It's beautiful and looks very effective. I think many here will love to see it.

06-02-07, 18:16
Stan, if you don't post your work, I'll demand that you be banned. Then, I will leave this place, never to return again. Only to pop up on a doorstep of an undisclosed location in Colorado...The apprentice from HELL!

06-02-07, 19:30
Umm, I'll give you the short answer...



06-03-07, 19:41
I think the overwhelming answer is yes.