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07-06-10, 17:22
Figured I'd get a jump start on this. By my calculations the 20th would be Lok's and DG's off day so lets just go with that for now. As for the training part I'm thinking we should do a CCW day. You must use the pistol you carry the most and you must use it in the holster you carry it in the most. For me it would be my pocket carry P3AT. I'll come up with some drills to do unless anyone has some as well and then I have a little "competition" thing we can do at the end just for kicks. Round count will be low on this one and focus more on techniques and tactics. Sound good? This will give everyone time to get a shotgun for Sept. too.....:D

07-18-10, 12:24
Missed this post before...

Sounds like a good plan idea. I guess this means I'll be shooting the G26 :D

07-19-10, 10:59
The 20th looks good so far to me. I am good for the ccw training day too. As it stands, I'll be shooting the P7.

I also have every Friday off (not on call) in September and October except September 3rd. However, the heart hospital call hasn't been released yet so that may change.

07-28-10, 13:26
Do you guys want to stick with this or bump it and do a makeup for our July carbine/pistol day?

07-29-10, 17:36
My schedule is officially completely effed up due to several big emergency projects. I have no clue when I might be able to shoot next :(

07-29-10, 18:06
Well that sucks. I talked to Todd and we both think we should bump our ccw day so if you can make it bring your carbine.

08-17-10, 14:26
So what's it look like for you guys? DG and I are thinking we should shoot a little earlier if possible. How's 1pm for everyone?

08-17-10, 14:56
I will make it if I can. Technically it's still my day off, but I've got a big project I'm finishing up around Chickasha so I can then go to a huge project in SE OK...

what was the plan again, carbine, pistol, both?

08-17-10, 18:36

08-18-10, 09:28
MSAR or Steyr? :lol: Couldn't resist.

08-18-10, 21:39
You gotta be kidding me!!!

I have to cancel again. My mom just called and her uncle died and the funeral is Friday so she can't watch my son.

08-18-10, 22:34
Sorry to hear that, man.

I don't know if I'll be out by 1, but I still plan on going out that afternoon if I can get away from work.

In that case not sure if i'd be shooting carbine or just pistol.

08-19-10, 20:09
I'm still in as long as Josh is able to get back from Chickasha and still wants to go. I should be out of the OR sometime before 2 pm (hopefully noon).