View Full Version : New projects taking shape.

07-11-10, 21:25
Just ordered a BCM upper and some DD fixed irons for a 14.5" mid-length build. Waiting for a Battlecomp 1.5 to come out, then things will start rolling. :)

07-12-10, 04:33
What barrel are you using? I read somewhere that BCM 14.5 middies were going to be hard to find for awhile because of the EAG Tactical guns BCM is making.

07-12-10, 07:39
Man, I'd sure like to get one of those BFH barrels, but think you have a good point on availability. Might look at a Daniels Gov profile or lightweight ( coming soon I hear from Daniels and BCM). Summer should bring some interesting goodies for my gun. I'll post a pic or two when the stuff comes in.