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07-23-10, 23:54
Guys, I just wanted to get an idea of where the Tucson M4C members typically shoot. Do any of you get together regularly at local ranges or matches? Are any of you already meeting up for some informal training? If not we should get an informal list of Tucson, Southern Arizona M4C members and try to set something up.

07-24-10, 08:46
Is a good idea. I have interst too. I'm in Tucson.:D

08-07-10, 23:53
I qualify for work at the Tucson Rifle Club near Three Points and shoot on my own time at the Pima county range off of Rita and I-10. I haven't met up with any M4C folks yet but would like to do so.

08-08-10, 16:05
I'm up in Northwest Tucson/Marana. The ranges I frequent are The Marksman 2 on Prince and Pima Pistol Club in Catalina.

08-08-10, 19:27
If you want to shoot for the smallest groups at the most sterile, controlled ranged, then I'd recommend the S.E. Regional shooting range. (200 yards & in)

If you want to have fun shooting steel, three points.

If you want to shoot matches, pima pistol.

If you just want to go be alone, off in the desert of Catalina or Reddington.

If you're fine shooting a crowded indoor pistol-caliber ranges, then the Marksman or Marksman II.

And to my knowledge, that's about it for Tucson.

ETA: And if you go to the Pima Pistol Club, don't forget to hit up Bubb's Grub on the way out. Block or two north of the club on Oracle, right side of the street. Best. BBQ. Ever.

08-10-10, 03:02
I don't like going to Marksman because its crowded, sucks for shooting drills (I have to put a range bag on the ground in front of me to avoid dropping mags on the concrete), and can't practice on more than one target. However, it's only a 20 minute drive from my house and I can get in 50 rounds of dot torture and 100 rounds of various other drills and be back home in under two hours. The people that run the one on Prince are generally polite.

When I go to Pima Pistol Club I either shoot at the 100 yard rifle range to sight things in or get on one their two practical ranges. I try to go on days where fewer people are there (early weekday mornings) so I can get a whole area to myself and don't have to shoot from behind "the line".

I've only gone to Three Points once, and....its a all day commitment. Two plus hours of driving and a lot of walking to targets equals a long time at the range. Not possible if I'm to be a good father to my young kids or if I want to stay married.

SE Regional sounds too sterile for "training".

There is a public range next to a police range that the EAG Pistol/Carbine classes were held. According to the class sponsor, also a LEO, it has steel plates out to 5-600 yards. However, he also warned that the area was gang and crime infested, so I haven't been there alone as I didn't want to be one of those guys shot for their AR. It's in Casa Grande, I-8, exit Trekell Rd and head 3-5 miles southeast towards the mountains.

It appears that getting local M4C members together isn't going to be easy.

08-11-10, 00:37
It appears that getting local M4C members together isn't going to be easy.

True, but we have to start somewhere. I could meet you at Pima Pistol Club sometime. I typically have Thursday and Friday off.

08-20-10, 09:23
I used to shoot at Casa Grande weekly 10 years ago but since they updated the range and posted it all over the net it's gotten congested with alot of interesting people.

I still make it to the Casa Grande range every once in awhile in the early morning during the week mostly to work on pistol (drawing from concealment,etc). Now I mostly do desert shooting anymore and hit Usery with one of my buddies a couple times a month for testing out reloading changes/tweeks.

I've never had any issues with crime at the Casa Grande range but I stay armed and always have a buddy when I'm doing anything outside pistol range where I have to leave the table for awhile to police targets.

Never shot down around Tucson but will probably be down in that area for the GSSF shoot in October.

08-20-10, 11:12
If you don't mind a bit of a drive, try Cochise County Gun Club between Sierra Vista and Bisbee.

Here is the link http://www.sierravistarange.org/fees.html

Ridiculously low annual fee.

08-22-10, 11:14
True, but we have to start somewhere. I could meet you at Pima Pistol Club sometime. I typically have Thursday and Friday off.

After going off the deep end and going to the range nearly every week last year, I've had to slow myself down to keep the wife and kids happy. I also realized the difference in the shooting I was doing and the shooting I should be doing after I took a EAG Pistol 2 class. Standing in a bay shooting at a cross hair target was as unrealistic as one can get for defensive purposes. Sitting at the rifle benchrest does nothing for defensive muscle memory. That class completely changed the way I practice pistol shooting. I hope TigerSwan in December will do the same.

I get Sundays and Mondays off, but that's usually the "honey do list" day.

If we could get a small group together for a mini training that would be ideal as I could find a reason to tear myself away for the day.

Fat Russian
01-01-11, 16:14
I almost feel like I am resurecting a dead thread but here goes; I recently went shooting on BLM land west of Tucson, very desolate and no rangemaster to harsh my mellow either. The only down side for me is that I live on the east side of town and it's about an hour drive to get there but it is nice having the place to myself. Follow Manville road west until it turns to the southwest, there is a small hill there that shows up as El Cerrite De Represso on Google earth and the Delorme maps, at the base of that hill on the south and west sides are areas to shoot, I would estimate ranges up to 300 yds but maybe even further than that.


02-08-11, 17:14
I shoot at the TRC (http://www.tucsonrifleclub.org/) several times a week if I'm not on the road. Anyone can drop me a line for a link up. Nice selection of glass/guns you can try out.

04-02-11, 12:36
I'm in Patagonia and shoot in the Coronado Nat'l Forest.
I travel a lot, but am new to the area and would love to hook up with some local(ish) folks sometime.

05-27-12, 00:45
I want to get together

05-27-12, 19:04
I used to shoot the ACTS match at PPC every month when I lived there. Wicked fun two-gun match, rifle and pistol. You need about 200 rounds for the rifle and 100 for the pistol. The Arizona Shooting forum has a subforum for the ACTS matches where details and videos are posted.

07-27-14, 22:43
There appears to be more Tucson M4C members than AZS. I asked for places to shoot over there and there was nothing but silence for about a month. Finally, I asked in the LEO forum and some guy told me about the area east of the Marana Rd. exit behind the new housing.

08-15-19, 01:09
Been in Tucson 3 years. Anyone still active on this thread?

08-15-19, 09:10
I'm here, but I'm about an hour south of tucson

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08-15-19, 09:14
Thereís a lot of members from here in town, but I donít of many who are willing to advertise that.

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08-15-19, 09:43
If you guys do Casa Grande, Mark and I might show up and blast away with you guys. Deep Tucson no way Jose.


08-15-19, 10:47
Tucson is kind of my limit for anything short of a class or something, and that's already 90 min away.

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09-21-19, 17:11
I'm on the NW side of Tucson. Not too active on M4C but I try to check in here when I can. Baer Solutions will be doing some pistol and carbine classes in Casa Grande late Oct.