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M&A Parts
06-19-07, 16:56
We have three new items from Surefire. Here's our deal for the next few weeks....

Fixed Blade Knife EW06, while it's shown as "on sale" on our website, M4CARBINE.NET members can call in and take another $15 of of that sale price. See http://www.mapartsinc.com/productsDetail.asp?id=1361

Interested in the EW05 Blade? http://www.mapartsinc.com/productsDetail.asp?id=1360, call in and take another $20 off the announced sale price.

Their new G3 light is available. See http://www.mapartsinc.com/productsDetail.asp?id=1362 Although this larger model of the G2 is also not "weapons rated", we have never experienced a failure due to firing on an ar15 application. Good light at a great price. M4CARBINE.NET members take another $5 off of our sale price.

As always, Sworn LEO and active duty Military should identify themselves for additional discounts on any M&A Product. We can ship to any PD or with faxed or PDF file copies of your sworn LE ID or active duty Military ID, we can send to any of the 50 United States street address. We can not ship to an APO. How about mom's house?