View Full Version : Went to the grand opening of Rainier Arms retail store today

08-01-10, 01:19
Decided to swing by the new gun store today on my usual gun nut, Sunday loop-trail. It was pretty cool. A big wall with a bunch of black rifles to check out, a bunch of high dollar case items, (acogs, aimpoints, lowers and ff rails) The store seemed really small. It may have been because of all the people in there, but there were only a few product racks. I realize that Rainier Arms is primarily a internet shop, so they need to maximize warehouse space. I'm cool with that. Anything they have in stock, they can bring out for you to look at.
This was their Grand Opening event. There were dogs and burgers being grilled outside, and inside they were kickin out free t-shirts and hats and stuff. Seen a couple of guys from the Friday Night Rifle League in Bellevue. Scored a cool Rainier arms patch and some stickers. I felt I should buy something, so got a few packs of xtm panels and a tan aimpoint cover from the bargain bin. They had a 10% off deal goin on today, but after just dumping all my coin into an upper build, I had to take it easy.
All in all, it's a cool store and is close enough to be on my short list of local toy shops.
Check it out.
Also, I saw this guy showing some people a custom barrel(I think) that had an extension that was a little bit wider than a threaded can, and just as long. So the barrel was like a diplomat, but the extension brought it out past 16". Kind of hard to explain, picture a kx3 that was hecka long , that a can would fit in and screw down inside. Thus avoiding SBR rules in WA. Now if we could only use those cans here.:big_boss:

08-01-10, 11:52
I've bought from them online and look forward to visiting their store the next time that I am up in those parts.

10-04-10, 22:51
John and the crew are good guys and now with the store front, a place to look at all the new toys coming out. Be safe all.