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08-10-10, 16:59
I've been trying to contact Phil on more information but I know he's a busy guy and I don't want to bombard him with questions about the range.

I've only been out there one time, and it was during a charity event for someone who had a range-related accident, I believe, so I really didn't get a chance to explore the place other than the areas where they were holding these charity events. From what I did see it looked like a great place that allowed versatility in training and scenarios. A couple buddies and I are looking for a range where basically we can do shoot and move drills, transitions, etc. within a safe and professional atmosphere and from everything that I've heard and read, Impact Zone is definitely the place for that.

Now I know some of the basics about Impact Zone. It's private membership. On a hot day, it's really hot there. On a cold day, it's really cold there. If it has rained in the past 3 days, you'll be playing in the mud. They hold a lot of competitions out there and thus bay availability is sometimes limited. Other than what I've listed, I have precious little information about the place. For those who are members, I have a few questions.

1. How many bays are there, and are they limited to pistol/rifle/shotgun, etc?
2. What is the longest distance range available? I want to shoot my SPR so I was wondering.
3. If you make a trip, do you ever have to sit around waiting for a bay?

Any other information would also be helpful, as well as comparisons/contrasts to other Houston area ranges such as PSC and Bayou Rifles. But please let's keep the "my range is better because of blah blah" pissing contest stuff to a minimum. :D

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I really want to join but I want to be able to enjoy the place!

08-11-10, 22:48
1. i think there are about 10 bays out there, give or take a few. and then there is the rifle range.
2. longest distance is 300 yrds at the last school bus. if you get in good with phil, he might take you out to 600yrds but you REALLY gotta prove to him you know what you're doing AND catch him when he's not doing much. from what i remember he only takes about 2 or 3 people out to 600yrds.
3. i usually only go out there during the week days because i usually worked the weekends at my previous job. but the general concensus is its usually packed during the early hours of the weekends.

its a great place to train, but you have to be picky about who you take out there. Phil has slimmed down to accepting memberships because of a few bad apples that have been tearing up the place. you can only shoot steel with long guns on the rifle range. he does not allow any steel in the pistol bays to be shot with rifle. there is no exception to this rule and you WILL lose your membership if you're caught doing so. i for one will tattle on you. lol. it is pretty hot during the summer time but i use that to my advantage. its a good idea to roll out there with an easy up tent and in a truck. the road into the range is pretty good right now with the exception of a few low spots from trucks/cars getting stuck and peeling out in a panic. last i talked to him theres so much crap out there you wont get stuck. its a good idea to avoid going out there after a heavy rain, it'll benefit everyone, not just your car.

a good way to catch phil is to go out there on the weekends in the early hours. hope this helps.