View Full Version : Dallas Meet-up: Restrepo @ Mockingbird Station on Thurs, Aug. 12 (or maybe Sat)

08-11-10, 17:02
I'm going to see Restrepo at the Dallas Angelika theater this Thursday, August 12th at the 8pm showing. Since my wife isn't a fan of war movies (or documentaries in this case), I thought this might be a good chance to meet up with some people from M4C. This documentary is based on the book War (http://www.amazon.com/WAR-Sebastian-Junger/dp/0446556246/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281553815&sr=1-1), by Sebastian Junger, which I finished reading a few weeks back. I thought the book was rather insightful and much better than "Generation Kill" and "Jarhead".

Theater Website: http://www.angelikafilmcenter.com (http://www.angelikafilmcenter.com/angelika_film.asp?hID=7915&ID=b51q2t0.4m440004d3mz109q8.22)
Official Website: http://restrepothemovie.com/
Address: 5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 230, DALLAS , TX 75206 214-841-4713

Movie Description:

This Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary captures the gritty, jarring reality of day-to-day warfare in one of the most remote and dangerous outposts in Afghanistan. Acclaimed filmmakers Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger forgo cast interviews and outside commentary in favor of raw, unfiltered footage that chronicles fifteen U.S. soldiers as they experience combat life. From the deadly battles to the intense camaraderie between the men, Restrepo is a harrowing look at war through the eyes of the people who are fighting it.


There is a free parking garage adjacent to the theater. It can be accessed from the Northbound Central Expressway Service Road. Take the Parking Elevators to Floor 2. Theater entrance is on the second floor across from Trinity Hall.

I know this is rather short notice, but post up if your old lady will let you out of the house and we can figure out how to meet up. If there is enough interest, I might consider going on Saturday night, so let me know. Also, I believe this is the last week this film will be showing in DFW.

08-11-10, 21:23
I saw Restrepo there opening weekend, great movie.

Couple of the soldiers came afterwards for a Q&A.

Best quote was:

"My favorite patch was one that said, 'Give us your hearts and minds or we'll blow your ****ing house up,' and it had a picture of a small house with a missile coming at it."

09-09-10, 17:25
Given the short notice, I was the only one there (no shock there). It was an interesting documentary. First time I've seen the focus on the metal health of the troops. I almost think reading the book after seeing the movie is the way to go, considering you can put names with faces and places.