View Full Version : Shooting Ranges Near Hattiesburg

08-12-10, 21:17
Anyone know a place to shoot close to Hattiesburg MS. I sometimes spend the day there with nothing to do and thought it would be a great way to get some range time in. I live south of Hattiesburg, closer to New Orleans so I already know about Honey Island.

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
08-22-10, 21:28
There is one in at the Moselle exit 80 off I-59, well at least that is where you turn off. Can give you directions but it's about 20 minutes from the exit. It's a great rifle and skeet range, handgun area is still under construction but you can walk to the back of the rifle range and shoot handguns there. $10 as long as you want to shoot. It's called Tall Creek Outfitters (not sure what they outfit as it is just a range, lol).

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
08-22-10, 21:29
oops, if this was Jordan then you know where it is at, lol

08-22-10, 21:30
nope, not jordan, sorry.

08-23-10, 09:06
PM Davy or myself about going. We go out there pretty often and might be there this Sunday. We need to get some shotgun practice in.