View Full Version : Wow we got plastered in Cedar Park....

09-08-10, 10:21
It was raining for a couple hours before I woke up yesterday, and when I fell asleep around 11PM it had been raining extremely hard for ~4 hours before that. Was raining non-stop all day but not too hard except for a couple minutes. That last deluge was just nuts.

Rain guage I saw online said 10.3" in the last 24 hours so its probably closer to 11" since a big chunk had already gone over us before this time yesterday. Never seen anything like it. Last night the tail of Hermine kept coming right up just west of I35. Just a straight non-stop stream of yellow and red rain bands on radar. I had gone out around 8PM, and the next neighborhood over already had water going over the curbs, one house their entire yard was 4-5" deep. That was right at the start of the marathon yellow and red stream so who knows how high it got.

I think Mansfield Dam is over a foot of rain...

09-08-10, 12:57
Yep, lotsa rain all at once. Lavon can use it though. I heard it was down a bit.

09-08-10, 13:00
I am so disappointed. I was expecting drinking stories.:alcoholic:

09-08-10, 13:42
Sports Park @ Parmer and Brushy Creek Rd:


09-08-10, 14:06
Brushy Creek in Hutto is FLOWIN'. Had to detour to the damn toll road to get the kids to school today, FM 685 was closed. Only the 2nd time I've seen that happen.

Someone I know in Cedar Park said they got 15"+, and the News8Austin website backs that up. It's been nuts.