View Full Version : WTS: WTS: Benelli M4 with mods (Ti tube, etc--$1650 (or $1200 with Glock as trade, details

09-16-10, 08:09
Benelli M4, OEM fixed/solid PG stock, OEM MOD choke, and OEM wrench. I will also throw in the Briley wrench––which I strongly recommend.
Also included is the un-opened Benelli oil. I recommend TW-25B for lube, though, on this weapon. It tends to work best in my experience.

Has about 300-400 rounds through it, mostly birdshot. Range-queen. Functions on anything I run in it when properly lubed with TW25B. This includes 2.75 dram birdshot fired from my hip just messing around.


––Carrier Comp TI tube/spring (http://shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=3&categoryId=4)

––Night Sights (http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/meprolite-tritium-ghost-ring-night-sights-for-benelli-shotguns-p-210.html)

––Brownell's red aluminum follower

––Titanium charging handle made by FFT. Does not rotate freely/has detents milled in like the OEM. (FreedomFighterTactical stock photo: http://www.freedomfightertactical.com/images/p373_lg.jpg http://www.freedomfightertactical.com/order.php)

––Custom bolt-release made by drilling/tapping the OEM button and installing a 1911 mag-release button. Picture below. I do not have the OEM part for this. If you want to replace it, heat the buttom (Blue locktite used), unscrew it, use a punch to remove the pin on the latch, and an OEM latch costs about $40-50 or so. This is much superior IMHO (FFT bolt-handle not shown in this pic.).:

OEM handle, Follower, Tube/spacer, Spring will be included separately so you can return it to OEM configuration if you so desire.

I love this thing, I just don't have anywhere to shoot it now that I moved to an appartment and the nearest out-door range is 1 hour away and I work 12 hour shifts. At night. I have inverted my schedule, and just don't have time to shoot it. I also need to buy a Glock 19 for my CCW. If you have a CLEAN Glock 19 that has seen some range-use––similar to my M4 I am selling (or a G32), I will credit $450 toward my M4 provided it has 2 magazines.

$1650 including shipping and insurance––$1200 if you have a G19/G32 that you are trading. You pay shipping/insurance on the Glock to me. I will pay shipping/insurance to you on the M4.

Please PM me on this site. I can provide more pictures if requested, but they will be from my cell-phone.

Payment is via USPS MO, mailed USPS Priority. I will ship UPS, and request that if you trade your G19/32 with me, that you also use UPS. Contact me Via PM on this site. Thankyou!

**** I cannot put my hands on the owners manual right now, but if I find it, that will be included too.