View Full Version : update on spring meet donation and whatnot.

lethal dose
10-01-10, 10:00
sorry, guys. i should have let you know what was going on a long time ago. phil LOVES the aimpoint, mount, and buis. thanks again, you guys. by the way... phil said we can use his range any time we want (not that i couldn't before... he just wanted to extend the invite to the stand up guys and gals here at m4c). so if anyone wants some range time... ANY time... hit me up. also, i am hoping to complete my range in the spring. so, if anyone has a dozer, bring it over! ;)

10-01-10, 10:36
Glag to hear.

The best reply to the dozer is I have a VW, it plows snow and that is about it.

lethal dose
10-01-10, 10:38
haha... well, at this point, i'd be willing to try anything. :D