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10-08-10, 18:52
Well, we actually got some folks together to do some shooting. Asheville Adam (icculus), 1Adam12 (zzblazezz), Matt (doughnut) and I were all able to make it on the 25th. When we all showed up, we did a quick meet-and-greet and then headed up to bay 1 to send a few downrange. We spent a few minutes talking about and checking out each otherís gear and then proceeded to the shooting.

Without any kind of game plan, we just set out five targets across the bay and shot some pistols at a relatively long range (~20 yds.). We all took a few warm-up rounds and then got out the timer to make it a little more interesting.

We then moved up and shot a few Bill drills and some El Presidentes, working at an informal, relaxed pace.

After a while, we put up the pistols and grabbed the carbines. At 1Adam12ís suggestion, we shot the box drill and the 1-5.

We took a short break to eat around 1:00 and then headed down in the holler to play at some longer ranges. 1Adam12 brought out his Sako .308 and let us all get behind it on the long-range steel. Then we went into a free-for-all with everyone fanned out, shooting at will. We had eight steel targets to choose from, including full- and half-size IDPA targets and a 12Ē plate, ranging from 100-200 yds. We even pulled out the pistols to try our hands at some long-range pistol shooting. Dinging steel at 100 yds. with a pistol is a good bit of fun.

As we came out of the holler at the end of the day, the range owner called us over to play with his tinker gun, a suppressed SBR. We had a bit of a problem getting it to run (he is constantly playing with the configuration on it), but it was worth the try. Iíve had the opportunity to shoot that particular rifle a few times, so the fact that it didnít want to play nice was a bit unusual. I did finally get it to run through a mag. I take about any chance I can get for some full-auto fun.

1Adam12 and Matt had to take off, so Asheville Adam and I stuck around and shot some steel poppers and the Texas star with shotguns to finish out the day.

I hope we can set a date for another meet-up in the relatively near future. I tend to shoot alone unless itís at a match, so having some other folks to shoot with was a treat.

10-08-10, 19:02
Some pictures from the day:




10-08-10, 19:04



10-08-10, 19:06



10-08-10, 19:08

The look you get when you hit steel at 100 yds. with a pistol:


10-09-10, 15:49
We need to set this up again soon. It was good meeting everybody and putting faces to the screen names. If possible, a once a month get together would be ideal. See what you can do Jason. Next time we should plan our range time with specific drills. I'll work on getting some stuff together.

10-09-10, 21:07
The meet was a good time. I enjoyed meeting everyone and trying a few drills. My training experience is limited to law enforcement which within itself is very limited. The drills were fun and an eye opener. I never shot on a timer and that was a big eye opener. Tac2's facility is really useful and interesting. It's pretty cool they let us meet up there. Thanks to Jason for squaring that away.

I also enjoyed checking out everybody's gear/weapon set ups. This is unfortunate because it made me lust for an AR so G&R has helped me fulfill my sinful desires:D I also came to the conclusion that the XS Big Dots aren't for me and I'm no longer trying to convince myself that I like them. I managed to ring steel at 100+yards but I'm going back to notch-post sights.

I agree with Adam, I'd really like to start up a monthly meet, if possible. There's an indoor range opening soon in Piney Flats. We might be able to meet up there some.

10-09-10, 21:42
This is unfortunate because it made me lust for an AR so G&R has helped me fulfill my sinful desires:D

Yeah I would definitely have more money if I had never learned of this site and G&R:D So what did you end up getting?

10-09-10, 22:05
I found a BCM midlength. I'm pretty stoked about it. I recently picked up a complete Spikes lower and had been looking for an economical/durable/reliable upper. The BCM was an even balance of those factors plus I liked all of the positive feedback I've read about the BCM midlength. It should be a winner. It'll mostly be finished with MOE goodies. I'm excited, it's the first EBR I've got to spec instead of buying complete. I'll post mug shots when it comes in this week.

10-10-10, 19:24
Good choice brother. You can't go wrong with BCM. My midlength has served me well. I've got a lot of misc AR parts laying around if you need anything to complete the build. Let me know.

You guys need to get to an IDPA match down at TAC2 sometime. They had a good match set-up yesterday.

USPSA- first Saturday of every month
IDPA- second Saturday
3-gun- third Saturday