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10-11-10, 21:12

I have been to the last three 3 gun matches and have had a blast. But I think most importantly it has shown my shortcomings in certain areas. What have you guys come away with through the matches. What have you learned and what have you changed? The answer could be gear placement/arrangement, weapon set up, shooting technique, change of ammo, etc. Your thoughts? Hope to see y'all Saturday.


10-12-10, 21:17
I've learned that when FishingFool is on the grill.... don't be late! :sarcastic:

10-12-10, 22:04
true. very true.

Here's some:

Shotguns suck when it comes time reload. Sold the tacticool sg's and now only have shotguns for wild game and gun games.

Reloads from belt mounted kydex mag carriers are way faster than nylon gear.

2 point slings get in my way when i do rifle reloads.

Ambi safeties are absolutely necessary. Working the safety on an ar15 does not slow me down when i can flick the safety back on with my trigger finger.

10-13-10, 21:01
Good stuff. In my years of 3gun competitions (I've done 2), I'd say tactical reloads are faster than speed reloads. That definitely goes for the shotty, and works well with the pistol. The less I have to do, the smoother things run. Never run your weapon to empty!