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10-14-10, 18:16
Well let's get a Intro thread going we'll use the following format:

Platforms you use/train with:

Name: Kyle
City/Location: Gulfport, MS
Occupation: Navy, Seabee
Platforms you use/train with: S&W M&P and Glock 17

10-19-10, 14:21
Good thread Kyle,

Name: David Jacks
Occupation: Store manager of large auto parts retailer. Spent 4 years in the army as an infantryman.
Location: Ellisville, MS.
The main weapons I train with are: my frankengun AR, M&P 9mm, and Mossberg 930 spx 12 gauge. My 'training' is mostly dry fire/local range time,3 gun & local pistol matches, and the occasional training class.

11-03-10, 18:50
Hi, I'm David
Bush, La.
I have an M4 and a MAK-90 and hopefully soon i'll be getting an M1 Garand
Nice to meet ya'll!

11-03-10, 18:54

Welcome aboard and GREAT name! Where is Bush, LA.? Think you could meet us the 3rd Saturday this month for a gun match on the MS coast?


11-03-10, 22:23
Bush is about an hour north of New Orleans. Where on the Coast is it? I may be able to.

11-03-10, 22:41

Scroll down to the bottom for directions.

11-03-10, 22:43
Its a 3 gun match. If you need to borrow a pistol or shotgun well cover you.

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
04-15-11, 19:55
Davy Keith
Ellisville, MS
Private Investigator
Glock 17,19,27,22 did I mention I like Glocks?

09-22-11, 09:44
Jesse H. in Hattiesburg, MS. Auto technician at a Dodge dealer here in town. I own a SA 1911, various other hand-me-down hunting/target weapons and I am in the process of putting together a BCM 16" middie. I only have the upper and other random accessories... as soon as I can save up or find another job with a better/more reliable paycheck I'll go ahead and finish up my AR. Times have gotten tough so I've had to put it on the back burner for a bit. I have absolutely no formal training or military experience. Hope to change that one day soon! Are there any decent ranges in the H'burg area? The only one I know of is the old Black Creek shooting range near Ashe lake... and it's not exactly in the best shape nowadays.


02-19-12, 16:13
Trevor Aultman
Petal, Mississippi
Body Tech.
I use my Winchester 30-30 Repeater and my 7mm Mauser.

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
02-19-12, 16:23
Hey Trevor, glad to see you over hear on M4. I just helped Stephen Jordan get his AR put together. Now we need to get you in business. My FFL should be coming through any day now. I'll help you build an AR if you want to go that route.

02-19-12, 17:12
Just joined yesterday, This is the first forum I have joined.

Rob Delaney
Bisbee, AZ
Patrol Agent
Colt M4-a1, Rock River M-forgery, H&K P2000, STI & Springfield Armory 1911's, CZ75, Rem 870.

02-19-12, 17:48
Thanks Davy i had heard you were getting one soon and i was going to talk to you about getting one and was just waiting till you got it.

02-27-12, 01:28
Dustin Sheppard
Pascagoula, MS
Refinery operator

Hk p30, BCM middy. Got a few others I'm working on

04-09-12, 12:53
Collins MS
Towboat Pilot
Sig 226-9mm,Mk12Mod1 clone, .22 rimfire stuff and soon an SR25EM

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
04-09-12, 19:11
blcouch, let me know if I can hook you up with any can's for your guns.

04-12-12, 03:47
blcouch, let me know if I can hook you up with any can's for your guns.

I'll be looking to get a KAC can for the SR25 but that will be later this year. May come down to check you out when I get home though......

04-12-12, 09:09
Bret W.
Northern VA
GOV. Contractor

Working-on my first BCM build! 14.5 Mid-Length. I've learned quite a bit from many here on the forum. Lurked for quite some time....first post/Intro.

05-11-12, 06:35
Name: Hale
City/Location: Biloxi
Platforms you use/train with: ARs and Glocks

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
05-11-12, 08:17
Hey Hale, glad to see you come over to the Dark side forum. AR15.com is like going to a crowded city.

05-12-12, 19:59
I decided to leave ARFCOM

05-30-12, 11:42
Hey fellas. Anybody still getting on here. Currahee good to see you on here man. Been missing you guys at the match. Ive got a job now that's got me working a half day every Saturday and its killing me that I cant make to the coast 3gun.


Rebel Rifle Ordnance
05-30-12, 18:43
I'm here and will be a lot more as I just got banned from ARFCOM. I listed a link to an "unapproved" website. The unapproved website was gun broker. I think I will start an ARFCOM hater thread bunch of Communist bastards.

06-09-12, 18:35
I've been around here reading for a while. I haven't done much with arfcom since 06 or so- about the time I started shooting a lot.

I only check the hometown forums there on occasion for legal updates from Nolo.

06-18-12, 13:25

Where are you from? The New Orleans area?


06-18-12, 18:35
No, I'm in MS.

07-03-12, 16:41
Name: Luke
City/Location: Petal, MS
Occupation: Nurse
Platforms you use/train with: AR, Glock

Rebel Rifle Ordnance
07-03-12, 17:05
Hey Luke, glad you are here.

Davy Keith,
Class 2 S.O.T. Manufacturer of NFA Firearms
Licensed 07 Manufacturer of Firearms

Rebel Rifle Ordnance, LLC
418 Pittman Rd.
Ellisville, MS 39437
(601)319-2675 office

07-03-12, 17:43
Name: Luke
City/Location: Petal, MS
Occupation: Nurse
Platforms you use/train with: AR, Glock

Sweet! You're 20 minutes from me and keithinvestigations! Welcome on here man. We'll have to get together sometime.


07-05-12, 22:31
Sweet! You're 20 minutes from me and keithinvestigations! Welcome on here man. We'll have to get together sometime.


Sounds great! I'm always looking for someone to burn some powder with.