View Full Version : Does anybody make an Army SDMR clone?

10-14-10, 23:06
Im wanting to get a rifle like my SDMR I had in the Army but I cant find anyone who makes them. Am I gonna have to build it part by part or does someone actually build a complte upper?

10-14-10, 23:17

makes the barrels and possibly the upper as a special order (its not specifically mentioned on the site)

Comments from someone who builds them: http://designatedmarksman.com/files/AMU%20rifle.pdf

More parts info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army_Squad_Designated_Marksman_Rifle


10-14-10, 23:25
Not EXACTLY the same, but these will get you close.


Technically the SAM-R uppers from BCM aren't true-to-spec SAM-R clones, more SAM-R/SDM-R hybrids. BCM's SAM-R would get pushed farther to the left of 'The Chart', though. The BCM SAM-R has M4 feed ramps, which the SDM-R lacks. The real SAM-R, however, has a 1:7 twist barrel, while the SDM-R has a 1:8.

10-15-10, 10:46
perhaps we could put this in Precision:Semi-Auto

10-15-10, 17:19
perhaps we could put this in Precision:Semi-Auto


10-16-10, 11:09
Probably worth a look at Centuron's (http://www.centurionarms.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_images.tpl&product_id=42&category_id=18&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=134) lineup.

10-16-10, 17:09
I was looking for an SDM rifle not long ago and decided the best way to go to get what I wanted was build it myself.

I went with a compass lake engineering profiled douglas barrel, and the rest of the parts are as close to the real thing as possible(minus the vortex and optic). I even used the armalite lower reciever that some sdm rifles are supposed to have.

This was my first build, and it was way easier than I imagined. About a week ago I used this rifle to make hits out to 700yds on man sized steel.

It normally wears a leupold mk4 2.5-8x optic

10-17-10, 19:04
You can email John at Rainier Arms
Buy a Rainier Arms upper with:
White Oak Arms 20" Barrel
Daniel Defense 12.0 M4 Rail
White Oak FSB and Gas Tube

Fill it with a BCG of your choosing (Ranier, Daniel Defense, BCM, LMT, GTS), Charging handle (Rainier or BCM Forged; BCM Gunfighter4), and you've got the upper.