View Full Version : TAC2 Meetup Monday 10/18

10-17-10, 14:21
I think a few of us were gonna try and meetup at TAC 2 tomorrow for some training/fun. There's a big match this weekend there and we were gonna have a little practice and just put some rounds downrange. I've got a new Aimpoint I need to get sighted in.

10-17-10, 14:53
What time were guys planning on? I have a new BCM I'd love to try out.

10-17-10, 14:58
I'm not certain on a time yet. Probably around 12 or 1. So far its myself, bulbvid, and zzblazezz.

Yeah definitely bring that BCM. I've been wanting to check one of those out in person.

10-17-10, 15:18
Let me know when you guys decide a time, I'll PM my cell #. I'm interested although I have to be back in Bristol around 6.

10-17-10, 17:31
I'm lookin' at about 10:00.

10-17-10, 21:55
I get off work at around 11 am so Ill be up there within an hour of that. I'm gonna try to stay up there until my ammo runs out.

Basically what I want to accomplish is getting my aimpoint dialed in, get some trigger time on my ccw gun, and maybe spy on Doc and see if any of the stages are set up yet haha. Sneak Attack.