View Full Version : friday night rifle league at WCA

11-05-10, 13:49
Tonight 7pm

11-28-10, 04:13
How was it?

I like rifle league when it's not crowded, I shot it a lot in 2009, but started going to Custer's Tactical Rifle matches and stopped. When I started up again this fall, it was a lot more crowded than before.

PS: West Coast Armory has just started a Monday league, that is geared torward more experienced shooters. Given that Tuesday night pistol, and Friday night rifle leagues are a "come one come all" attitude, you sometimes have noobs slowing things down. Monday night is targeted towards more experienced shooters. Just shot my first IDPA classifier (after dabbling for a few years), and I was 5 seconds off from making expert :(

11-30-10, 01:38
It was packed. Felt like family night. I guess there have been some safety problems with NG's lately, so there was an extended safety brief. We stayed for the first round and then left. Around 30 people or so.
Yeah the Manic Mondays might be cool. I'm always looking to get out and shoot so maybe I'll run into ya.

12-01-10, 02:20
man I can totally be down for some of this Monday night business

12-27-10, 18:16
Some of the guys I work with have gone to the Manic Monday events. Looks to be better than shooting paper anyway. Here's a link to a video one of their friends posted...


I asked last week when I was there to confirm it's still going on as there's no mention of it on their web site. It is so I'm going to try to go next week now that I have a rifle worth using in competition.

I think this would be a good opportunity to meet a couple of you so let me know if you're going to be there.

01-28-11, 08:10
On for tonight

01-29-11, 09:07
What a frikken zoo. Seemed like 40+ people there. Still good times though.