View Full Version : January shoot.

11-27-10, 14:06
Hey guys I got our own section. Trying to gauge interest for a shoot at burro canyon in january, private range. Training, drills, rifles/pistols w/e, the usual etc... Post if this is something you would be interested in.

A little about me:
I am a long time shooter and have attended a Vickers Tactical class before, so i'm not a complete noob. Not looking to do any ninja stuff, just practice with a group of like minded individuals.

11-28-10, 23:02
I would be interested in something like this. I don't have any training though so I would need some teaching but up for it. Earlier in January the better for me.

12-16-10, 05:07
I'm interested... what date(s) do you have in mind?

01-02-11, 14:31
i'd be interested as well as a couple of buddies of mine

01-02-11, 17:31
Drumerdude et al,

If we are gonna do this, we need to come up with a date(s) so others can make plans.

How does Sat. 01/15/11 or Sat 01/22/11 sound?!?

01-17-11, 18:58
I'd be interested... but I'd be traveling from 4ish hrs north... so it'd be a bit of a drive for me. Any more solid details on this?


01-24-11, 01:02
Hey guys, im down in San Diego and am looking for a group of folks to start shooting with.

Lets get something together if not in Jan then maybe Feb so we can get a large group.


02-05-11, 08:08
I am still interested in this. My January became very busy with work and travel so it didn't work out for me but let's work something out.

FEB - 26th, 27th
MARCH - 5th

02-06-11, 01:41
I will be finishing school near the end of March and am extremely interested. Weekends? I haven't had one in nearly two years. Time to get back into the training groove.

02-14-11, 17:11
Keep me posted as well. I'm in the San Diego area, but IE is not out of my reach. :)

02-24-11, 03:38
Anyone in the San Diego area? If so where do you shoot? Im at P2K as my primary range.

Anyone else?

02-25-11, 08:36
Anyone in the San Diego area? If so where do you shoot? Im at P2K as my primary range.

Anyone else?

I'm in Oceanside & shoot at Iron Sights or out in the desert on camping trips.

I have some training, all in the military, mostly Marine training with some Army training thrown in. The training I've received consists of tactics with very few drills which is the biggest difference I've seen between military & civilian training.

02-27-11, 00:58
I try to get over to IS on Thursday nights, but sometimes my work sked conflicts. This Sunday I'm doing my first IDPA. Other than that I mostly do 3 Gun at Pala and the occasional IPSC/USPSA pistol match.

05-11-11, 00:59
Hey I am interested in any possible future meets. I don't have any formal training though.