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11-29-10, 21:17
I recently ordered a MI Rail and Vortex optic package from Midwest Industries via telephone. Customer service was fine, shipping was fast and the package price was good. I specifically ordered the new MI/USP rail made for the vortex sparc because it was supposed to have a lower 1/3rd co-witness. I put it together today and the directions that I received were for the regular MI rail system, not the Vortex specific upper rail. There were no pictures or anything in the (Rail or optic) instructions telling me to mount the optic first. I put the upper and lower rails together first and then had to take the upper rail off in order to mount the Sparc. I mounted the sparc with the 4 provided screws and assembled the upper rail back again. The optic was loose. After some cursing, I dug a second bag of smaller screws buried in the optics box. Low and behold those were the ones that were supposed to go on in the first place. Upper rail off again, undid the original 4 long screws and inserted the smaller ones. Upper rail on again, Tightened the screws and optic securily and man was it cool looking. I tested the 2MOA red dot and it worked fine, but there was no 1/3 front/rear sight co-witness. That is the whole reason I bought this package. I'm going to call them tomorrow to see whether they sent me the correct upper rail. Once I get this straightened out, Ill post pics and range results.

11-29-10, 21:28
The upper rail says T1 on it, so i believe that its the wrong one, hence no co-witness. I've called MI numerous times today and left a message and email. Still no response. I guess I'll keep trying. Here are some pics I took.



11-30-10, 08:31
This rail just came out about two weeks ago and it was advertised and verified on the phone to me twice as having a lower 1/3rd co-witness. Troy emailed an apology and said that he was notifying US Palm of the situation. I wish I would have known that before I ordered it. I don't know if it was tested before it came on the market or not(you'd think it would have been). Although customer service was good, I'm still not pleased that I didn't get what I ordered. WARNING: THIS RAIL DOES NOT CO-WITNESS.
Here is the link: http://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/...ategory_id=391

I'm probably going to put the optic on my ar or run it with an ultimak and QD mount

Midwest Industries
12-07-10, 09:47
this was stated under the vortex cover from day one on our web site.
It was my error to think it would while we were developing the part.
I guess I am human

12-07-10, 12:38
Does the T-1 mount Co witness with a T-1?

Midwest Industries
12-07-10, 14:19
YES, Irons in the lower one third of the optic.


12-30-10, 04:17
anyone here using the T-1 rail combo? I'm thinking about getting this for an AK build so I can use an AFG on the bottom and Scout light at 3 o'clock. Looking for any user feedback.