View Full Version : Precision Rifle Shooters

12-06-10, 11:33
Where you guys at ?
Are there any Local ?.

I have put together a Tactical Precision Rifle Course, thru the ASC ( Aurora Sportsman Club ).
A multi-stage event, much like the "Sniper Challenges" you can find out there.
I am putting together a TEST GROUP, of ASC members only.
And hopefully if the trial run is successful, we can have an Offical TPRC sometime in the Summer / Fall of 2011.
The course of fire's will encompass mulit stages on several of the Ranges offered at the ASC. ( mainly 2- per 100, 200 & on the 600 ).
I have NOT YET incorpporated a Pistol stage, but hope to with Board approval.

If it's too much trouble to take on. I will see about opening up a Practical Precision Rifle Group at the ASC. Offering challenging stages much like the PRC currently.

I need to know if we have a "market" for it.

HELP ME out brothers.