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12-09-10, 19:36
Hi all

Currently in the process of getting hired on dept in Fairfax County area, looking good so far. Just wondering if anyone has attended the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy in Ashburn and has any tips or helpful info of what to expect/prepare for in the case that I am hired.


12-09-10, 21:04
My Brother is Fairfax County... I know a lot of the guys, and there are some really good fellas. I am not sure of what to tell you about the academy, but you are in a good place. The pay is good, it isn't boring, and there are a lot of solid guys to back you up. Good Luck.

12-10-10, 07:51
Back in the day NVCJA was the training academy for many LE organizations. Years ago, FX broke away and now (at least I think they still do...haven't been up that way in a while...) have their own training academy right off of Rte. 28 where the old HK building used to be in Chantilly.

The Academy has been in a few different places...Fairfax City, Arlington and now in Ashburn.

If the plaques are still on the walls in NVCJA my name is there...class VP and received the Director's Award for Academic Excellence...just over 98% average. #1 in academics, #3 in firearms (I had a crappy shotgun on qual day, ruined my patterns)

I believe that was in 08/1990.


12-10-10, 11:49
I know Fairfax county does have their own academy and no longer seem to use the one in Ashburn, the dept I am applying with however does use Ashburn. If i do go I will look for the plaque for you haha

12-10-10, 12:20
Since there's some folk that might know on this thread.....anyone here have info about a reserve LEO program with Fairfax County.

12-10-10, 13:17

12-10-10, 13:19

Close but I'd rather be a reserve LEO than an auxiliary crowd control guy.

12-10-10, 13:20
Close but I'd rather be a reserve LEO than an auxiliary crowd control guy.

...i gave it a shot


05-01-11, 22:34
What do you want to know about the NVCJA? Hours? Curriculum? I went to it last year, so most of my information is relatively fresh. :)