View Full Version : Combat and Survival (UK magazine) will have Mk12 SPR article next issue...

12-15-10, 19:25
Current one on shelves (B&N) has main feature about USMC Recon BN. Next issue will have an article about the Mk12.

I usually buy it every month, and its a good magazine with good articles. Lots of MRAP type coverage, rifles, gear, uniforms, boots, ect.

12-16-10, 11:44
Since I happen to indulge heavily on gun rags...where might I procure a copy of this publication.

I get prob. 75% of my gun rags at walmart.

12-17-10, 15:10
Walmart has about the best selection out there. That's where my wife usually leaves me when we go to Malmart:D