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12-21-10, 04:52
Just wondering if there are any Alaska members. I would like to get some info on training or possibly organize a group meet.

I took a course through AK Tactical a few years ago and bought a RRA and just plinked in Birchwood. I just ordered a DD upper for another lower I have and would like to take some more courses, but Steve doesn't offer winter classes.

Does anyone know if there are local carbine courses through the winter?

01-21-11, 15:18
Hello from Anchorage.

I don't know of any classes in the winter, sorry to say. You can try and convince Steve but getting people out in the winter is hard, and harder when it might be 30 degrees, or -30 degrees, and no way to know when scheduling a class.

You can do some training on your own at Birchwood if you have an EPM membership (and thus a gate pass). Go before or after they are open to the public, and you can often get an entire range for yourself or your group. Everyone must be an EPM member to shoot during off hours; no guests/visitors.

I took Alaska Tactical's Carbine/Handgun Low Light class in October, received superb training and had an awesome time.

I signed up for the Louis Awerbuck shotgun class this summer. Louis is also doing a handgun class, and Bill Jeans is doing a couple classes with Steve as well.

Pack in the training during spring, summer and fall, and maybe look at weekend classes near major West Coast cities. Firearms Academy of Seattle is 'close' (4 hours away) for example.

01-22-11, 07:04
That's the same course I took, but three years ago now. Had a blast and it's what started this whole thing.

I guess I'll just have to wait it out a bit. It's been too cold to do much shooting the past few weeks.

I would take a class in winter though as it's usually pretty cold here and learning proper techniques in the cold and with a bunch of cold weather gear on would probably be more beneficial than with wearing a t-shirt.

01-28-11, 04:58
Hey, from Squarebanks. I wish there was winter training somewhere up here. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think that gun fights only take place in the summer.

05-10-11, 15:06
... with a bunch of cold weather gear on would probably be more beneficial than with wearing a t-shirt.

Let's face it though, choosing to be out in the cold is not most people's favorite thing. Including mine, cause I got zero range time last winter.

I didn't make time for it this last winter, but I want to do some winter training with normal concealed carry handguns and gear and see if people change their mind about what and how to carry in the winter.

For instance, once you have to zip or snap your jacket, how do you access your handgun? I can't tell you how many times I've seen people on the range drawing from under a unzipped, unsnapped winter jacket or parka. Do they walk around like that? I can see that being viable for the 20 feet from their front door to the car, but what about walking around downtown, or across the mall or theater parking lot at -20 F with 30 mph gusts?

Can some of the longer, heavier/bulkier parkas be cleared easily and quickly enough to make your normal draw stroke? Looking at how parkas fit and hang I can see a big difference between a fast, practiced draw from beneath a standard issue Shoot Me First Vest versus a down parka.

I'm heard of carrying a J frame in a pocket holster (backup/second gun) that can be easily transferred from your front pants pocket to the hand-warmer pocket on your coat, and then back (once out of the elements).

Or for summer consideration, what about a zipped up rain shell? Now that might be something to try this summer.

08-10-11, 15:55
I am in Anchorage, been here for the better part of 20 years.

anyone still think about getting some folks together for a shoot?

04-07-12, 03:26
<<<< in alaska now....

04-22-12, 18:11
There will be a Jason Falla, Redback One, tactical handgun class the last weekend of May at Birchwood. Still openings available. Sign up on the Redback One website.