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01-01-11, 12:19
South Florida Defensive Carbine Club

(a Tropical Sport Shooting Association production)

2011 Announcement

Beginning with the first match of 2011 on Tuesday, 24 January 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Markham Park Target Range (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=markham+park+target+range&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=55.192325,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=markham+park+target+range&hnear=&ll=26.126852,-80.351429&spn=0.06188,0.111494&t=h&z=14), SFDCC will be open to all SAFE shooters! Until further notice the requirement of attending the Orientation and Qualification is hereby suspended. Along with this suspension of the O&Q is the suspension of all handgun use and SFDCC will be strictly a rifle/carbine event. For the sake of continuity and simplicity, even the wearing/carrying of a handgun at SFDCC is suspended.

New Shooters, meaning anyone that has not participated in an SFDCC event before, will be expected to identify themselves at sign in and attend a New Shooter Briefing on the rules, safety procedures, expectations and requirements for participation in SFDCC.

So pass the word, tell your buddy who just hasn’t ever been able to get to an O&Q, post to the forums, etc. and above all come out and shoot with us. Visit www.tssaidpa.us and click on “SFDCC” on the left side to get more information and to read our amended rules. There are other minor changes to the rules, to include the addition of separate scoring divisions for iron sights and optics.

What this means
This means that a wider range of shooters should be able to attend SFDCC events, increasing the number of competitors and increasing the level of competition! Rest assured that the SFDCC and TSSA staff will continue to uphold our high safety standards and that safely enjoying the shooting sports remains our top priority. It also means more bodies to help set up and tear down and paste targets and reset stages, which will mean more interesting, exciting, and complex stages.

What this does NOT mean
This does not, however, mean that SFDCC and TSSA staff are your baby-sitters. Just because the O&Q has been suspended does not mean that you should plan on bringing that one guy from work who always wanted to shoot a gun, or your wife’s cousin who is in town for the holidays and that you are stuck entertaining, or that SFDCC should become your kid’s first foray into firearms. We welcome ALL of these people at our events but it is still YOUR responsibility to get them to the range before hand and either evaluate their experience level or teach them what they need to know to safely compete with a real firearm in their hands.

07-27-11, 15:45
I was told last night that some people on this forum don't want to come to our matches because they don't like me, or my posts, or whatever. Seems awfully short-sighted to me, but here's an open invitation to anyone that I've made mad on the internut to come on out and shoot an SFDCC match for free.
(and no, if you've come out before, you don't count)

All you have to do is find me on arrival at the range, tell me you want your free shoot, and I'll walk you through the sign-in process and pay your way.

This applies to matches only, NOT drills nights, and to SFDCC matches only not TSSA IDPA matches.

07-27-11, 16:23
I dont like you!!! Therefor, i shoot for free right?

For anyone that really feels that way...seriously, give it a break.

A match is a match, its pretty easy to tune Rob out if you dont want to listen to him...although you would be doing yourself a disservice.