View Full Version : USTRA at Custer Sportsmans Club WA?

01-04-11, 23:20
I was looking into going this year. Any of you guys plan on going this spring/summer?

Issac, I noticed you went last year. How was it (if you already posted an AAR, my apologies)? Going again? That .308 is a B-E-A-S-T...

For schedule (you'll probably need to scroll, I do...damn netbook.)

01-05-11, 16:33
I love Tac Rifle at Custer. I am definitely planning to this year when it starts back up. What do you want to know?

01-05-11, 21:36
I love Tac Rifle at Custer.

I am definitely planning to this year when it starts back up.


Who else is planning to go?

Which dates?

It looks like fun and a good opportunity for a meet up.

Also, if there's already an AAR from last year somewhere, I'd like to read it. If not, the youtube videos will tide me over. :rolleyes:

01-06-11, 11:04
Me and a bunch of guys from another forum I post on go almost every month.

01-07-11, 01:22
I've gone to some in the past, and love 'em. After May my wife will be done with school, and won't have Dad duties so I'll be going some more.

06-25-11, 19:54
I went for the first time this month. I will go again any time I can get a babysitter. I thought I was going to shoot with a friend. I ended up being moved to another group of shooters. They were a bunch of nice guys and I had a blast.

09-27-11, 17:38
Custer's way up North right? I'm down to check this thing out, it looks fun. My Saturdays are pretty much free.

01-04-12, 13:44
The matches will start up again in March along with the USPSA matchs with a chance in Feb depending on too many factors. USPSA is every 1st Sunday and we normally set up the TacRifle matches after that and are held every 2nd Saturday of the month. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for announcments to include a new TacRifle match headed up by a buddy at Renton. If you've never shot a TacRifle match before you'll have to schedule a safety check to allow you to shoot. The links for that have already been listed with contact info.


big b
03-10-12, 02:58
I really like the Custer range. I'm hoping to make it to Tac Rifle at least a couple of times this year. I wanted to go last year, but work kept getting in the way....