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08-22-07, 11:28
In the latest issue of STRIKE tactical newsletter...


1) Product Review: Worden Travel Wrench By Kelly Worden (excerpt below)
2) Talking Tactics: Feedback from the NTI By Randy Harris (What a story!)
3) Reflections on a Bygone Era - Part 2 - By Henk Iverson (Our Master Trainer)
4) Terrorism and the Law By Jeff Chudwin (Illinois Tactical Officers Assn, Pres.)
5) DTI Quips: CORBON DPX Ammunition By John Farnam (Works with Henk)
6) Mind, Body, Spirit - Part 5 - By Louis P. Hayes
7) The Library: Guns & Warriors By John Farnam
8) Quote of the Month

By Kelly Worden

The Travel Wrench is a Devastatingly Effective Yet Low Profile Non-Lethal Force Tool for Personal Protection. Your Personal Protection Tool designed by Kelly Worden. The Travel Wrench is a Revolutionary Training Tool and Instructional System that compliments while improving tactical efficiency with any Tactical implement! Proficiency in skill is cultivated through repetition and refining conceptual principles of instinctual response! Also available Soft Trainer. ...excerpt....

Hit this http://www.striketactical.com/newsletter/?id=37&archive=0 to see more on the Worden tool, as well as the most interesting stories of training and tactics.