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M&A Parts
08-22-07, 14:52
Itís very short notice but we are attempting to summit the highest point in each state on Tuesday September 11 in memory of our brothers and sisters lost on that tragic day.

If you are interested in partaking in this historic event and to learn more about us visit www.copsontop.com

To find the nearest high point in your area visit http://highpointers.org/us-highpoint-guide/ Many of the highpoints donít require much more than driving.

Become part of history while remembering those lost as we reach our goal of having representatives from all 50 states participate on 9-11.

08-25-07, 00:56
Thankyou for your support of the LE community.

08-25-07, 03:08
Thankyou for your support of the LE community.

From the link provided by the OP

Hoosier Hill is one of the few flatland highpoints, but it is accessible from I-70, a highway that goes from Baltimore to Central Utah, and is used by many to drive cross-country. Elevation: 1257 ft / 383 m

Having recently moved from the mountain west this just tickled my funny bone!

No view, but still the high point of Indiana.

Having been a volunteer firefighter and a volunteer police chaplain I appreciate the sacrifice made each day and am deeply troubled by the many LEO losses already this year as well...