View Full Version : Navy Federal Credit Union - Montgomery, AL - Posted "No Firearms"

01-07-11, 13:50
Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) recently opened a branch in Montgomery, AL. I noticed during a lunch time visit today that the door is posted with a "No Firearms" sticker/sign.

I spoke briefly with the staff and the Branch Manager. I expressed my pleasure with the new branch office, but emphasized my displeasure with the prohibition of lawfully carried firearms.

I identified myself as a NFCU member licensed to carry a concealed pistol. I asked that, as manager, she consider removing the posting for the branch and pass the request forward to NFCU nationally.

We spoke together about possible concerns with firearms in the branch and agreed that the sign would not stop a "bad guy" from entering the office. I indicated that the prohibition would hamper my access to the office. The manager indicated that she has recently seen email concerning lawful carry in NFCU locations and indicated that topic was under discussion.

I provided my name and indicated that I would be posting the prohibition on internet forums that I regularly visit.

If there are any NFCU members in the Montgomery, AL area, please encourage this new branch to remove the restriction of lawfully carried firearms in our new branch.


01-10-11, 00:00
Like most things, vote with your dollar. Inform them that if it continues, you will bank elsewhere, and do your best to get others to bank elsewhere too.

Jay Cunningham
01-10-11, 00:03
Dude - there is a recruiting station right by whee I live with a big "no firearms" sign.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the war room."