View Full Version : CT gun laws tightening up?

01-12-11, 15:06
I caught a quick preview of the 10 o'clock news and tighter "gun control" laws were mentioned in light if the unfortunate shooting in AZ. I missed the actual broadcast and hoped someone here may have heard the latest.

One can assume it would be in regards to hi cap mags, but I would like to know for certain. An internet search gave me no information.

01-12-11, 16:21

The story was aired on CNN. Democrat Lautenberg (New Jersey Senator) says the lapse of the old AWB was a mistake and we should again ban hicap mags and some types of ammo, especially from unstable individuals. The reporter responded to the senators statement by saying the republican majority and even the president would not propose such a bill because they knows it wouldnt pass. That in a nut shell is what I heard an hour ago on CNN. Im in Ct. IMO we need more responsible armed citizens to keep criminals at bay. In all hosety IMO if one of those heroic AZ bystanders was armed, they wouldnt have had to wait for Loughner to reload.

01-15-11, 09:21
I'm aware of this, as well as McCarthy in NY. I'm referring to a possible local Connecticut bill to add on to our current AWB.

I found this today.