View Full Version : Info on JD Tactical?

01-14-11, 19:53
Just wondering if any of you in Florida have had dealings with JD Tactical in, I believe, Lake Mary, Florida? If so, were your dealings satisfactory? Thanks for any info. WB (former N.O. boy).

03-11-11, 08:36
Since no info has been forthcoming on this company, might as well delete this thread.

09-01-11, 10:10
I bought a Spikes Tactical AK 47 from him this past weekend. While I have not yet recieved the rifle, Mr. Dunst was a pleasure to deal with. He was very responsive, easy to talk to and he was very helpful.

I should get the rifle next week, so I can update this post at that time.

09-11-11, 01:08
Yes I know James on a business level. Great person to deal with and builds real nice AK rifles although this may be the last year he does them. I've owned two 47's in the past and was very happy with them. I now own a 74 from him and will not sell it this time (i regret the two 47s I sold). His customer service is great, easily accessible and fast response times. Deal in confidence.

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04-06-12, 10:34
Very well known in Central Florida and a good guy.