View Full Version : Is SMGLee at SHOT?

01-19-11, 21:34
That's all.

01-19-11, 22:23
It's my understanding that Lee usually posts his SHOT pics after the show is over.

I think he is at SHOT though.

01-19-11, 22:27
I find it funny that, at least for the last couple years, people are always wondering where all the info is during shot.

It is the same thing as before. Some of the high profile things will come out but the real meat and potatoes of shot is always found days later and usually in a SMGLee pic thread.

You do have to give it to SMGLee as he seems to always have pics of something and everything that "nobody has heard of" a day or so after the end of shot. He waits and does it right and still outscoops people.

01-20-11, 04:52
Yes he is. Saw a pic earlier of him on his FB page of him, Costa and Vickers

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