View Full Version : Pat Rogers, your input please

08-29-07, 21:02
I have an Eagle Tac1 vest that is great but it's a mother to wear all day.

What do you think is a logical setup for carryijg spare mags for a days worth of training, and where would I find it? I already have a dump pouch for the "Spare Fodder". I'm thinking some type of 4 mag setup but unsure of which one.

What works well for you students (and yourself) in class?



Jay Cunningham
08-29-07, 21:17
forget it

Heavy Metal
08-29-07, 21:32
This might be the kind of thing you want to IM him for.

Erick Gelhaus
08-29-07, 21:48
Pat's got an article in the current issue of SWAT on pre-training gear selection & set-up.

08-30-07, 02:00
Pat's email amd IM message address are not listed here,''He's never had a problem with my questions on the firum boards, and has been very graciou as the gentlemen he is.. We;ll see.

Jay Cunningham
08-30-07, 02:05
forget it

08-30-07, 02:22
Word to the wise: you may be stepping out of your lane.

Never have before with Pat, so let's HIm "call the ball?.