View Full Version : Mid Feb meet/shoot?

02-02-11, 18:21
Hey guys,
I'm coming down for the VSM Basic Pistol course on Feb. 19th in Casa Grande. Wondering if anyone would like to meet up for some carbine shooting in the days preceding or following this course?

I'm not real knowledgeable about what's desert down there anymore, (the place has changed since I've been around much!), and am by no means a pro shooter who could give a clinic or anything. Just thought it would be nice to go shoot/train with some like-minded folks and meet some other M4C'ers.

Anyone interested? Any ideas for a good place to go? Let's do it! Hope to hear that we are not all out here alone in AZ!

02-04-11, 00:57
I'm going to the feb 19 class too. There's a possibility I might have the next day off from work. If I do, I'd be down for some carbine shooting.

I usually go all the way out to flatiron mountain past buckeye. It's a bit of a drive from north/central phoenix where I live, but it's definitely legal to shoot, I rarely see anyone, and it's pretty easy to go out to several hundred meters if you want to. And you don't need a 4wd to get there either, I do it in my sedan.

I actually plan on going out to flatiron mountain tomorrow if I can get up early enough.

02-12-11, 05:29
I'm going out to the north side of flat iron mountain on monday, valentines day, my birthday. :D

If anyone wants to join me.

02-15-11, 16:30
I'm in the VSM basic class also so guess that will be a good place to meet M4C'ers. I'm pretty limited on time this week before the class do to work schedule. :(

02-16-11, 01:42
Hows it goin all! I'm new here & this is obviously my
1st post. Just wanted to say hi & chime in.

If u guys r taking a course in Casa Grande then my guess is its probably at the Elle Pearson range off Trekkell Rd? I'm 20 min away in Maricopa. I have Fri off & was planning on going 2 that range around mid morn/early noon (I have 2 little ones so my days off r never guaranteed to be free time).

I'm mainly a pistolero (lived my whole life in NJ so not much opportunity 4 carbine work) but i just finished building my 1st
M4 & would jump at the chance to shoot with some like-minded, more experienced guys. If anyone is interested, post & we'll figure out the logistics.

02-16-11, 15:57
Hey guys,
Looks like it will be the 2 days following the course that will be open for me. My brother in law wants to go check out Ben Avery north of Phx but we don't have a day committed yet. Might be a bit breezy out there this weekend. Be nice to be in the desert instead of this cold forest for that!

I'll be bringing an AR, (that just got a different optic and needs sighting in), and my AK, though it occurs that we will probably have plenty of new pistol skills to practice too. :cool:

Let's shake it out at the course and go from there. Looking forward to this weekend! Cheers-