View Full Version : Low Light Range Availability Seattle

02-05-11, 13:35
I've been hoping to find a place where I can practice some low light shooting drills (handgun primarily).
I go to the FNRL at WCA in Bellevue about every other week and really enjoy the ability to run my rifle and handgun in a low light setting, but would really like to find an event somewhere that I can run my handgun a little more.
If anyone knows another local place where I can find this kind of action, your input would be appreciated.
Or maybe someone with some land that we can set up an m4c event at might work as well.
As an afterthought, I guess someone could just run a handgun/handgun at FNRL, but they may not like rule bending. And I'd like to get more than 1 run at it.
Edit: Insights Training is offering a low light shooting class in April ($150 for a 3 hr class)